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The federal US government underwent a partial shutdown during the 2013 budget crisis. This shutdown costs hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as billions of dollars in revenues.

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Q: Did they shut down the government?
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Why did the federal government shut down?

The Republicans didn't want to compromise so they shut the government down.

Is the government still shut down?

No. It is not.

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Can the government shut down?

The government can shut down. Such a thing happens when the government cannot reach an agreement, typically over the ways in which the goverment will be funded so that it can function.

Should congressmen still be paid if the government is shut down?

Many people think that Congressmen should not be paid when the government is shut down. However, they still work during the shut down and can continue to be paid.

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When was the last time the government shut down?


How long has the government been shut down for?

13 days

Will the government shut down close national parks?


Are tanning salons being shut down by the government?

Some tanning salons are being shut down by the government. The government cannot choose if you open a tanning salon though because it really doesn't hurt anyone.

What shuts down during government shutdowns?

did Il. child support shut down

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