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Did women test fly planes during World War 2?

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Yes , they also taxied them from place to place has needed, freeing up males to fly combat missions in W. W. II

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What did women go through during world war 2?

Since they couldnt serve as soliders in the war they were they ones that built the planes,ships,bullets,and guns. They also served as test pilots for the planes that were built

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How did the wright brothers test their planes?

They flew them.

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What most accurately characterizes the entry of women into the American workforce during World War 2?

men earned higher wages for comparable work.... if your taking your history test.

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Where did the wright brothers test their air planes?

outer banks, NC

What happened during a controversial missile test carried out by North Korean army during the holidays?

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What did WASP's test and deliver during World War II?

The WASPs: Women Pilots of WWII. They were pioneers, and as such they often faced disbelief and resentment from male officers. Nonetheless, the female pilots were fearless and committed. Thirty-eight women would be killed in the line of duty.

Why did wright brothers make kites?

To get the ideas for their planes, and test winds affect on them.

Women in the military in World War 2?

Yes, women served in the military in several countries during World War 2, and the USSR got the most use from them with women in fighting roles. Other countries tended to keep their women out of danger as much as possible. Marshal Tito's army in Yugoslavia also had many women in uniform and carrying weapons. The USAAC had female pilots (WASPS) who were used as test pilots and ferry pilots. The Soviet Air Force had female fighter pilots.

When and how was nuclear energy first used?

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How were people suffering during World War 2?

fear, stave, sick , test them and murder them

When was the test of the atomic bombs during World War 2?

Trinity test happened on the morning of July 16, 1945 just before dawn.

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Where there women pilots in World War 2?

The Americans used women as test pilots and bringing planes over to England from the United States. They saw no combat. The Germans has a very few women test pilots but were not allowed to fly combat missions.***The Russians had women pilots who flew in action. The Allies had women who delivered planes and often came from wealthy or middle class homes, who learned to fly pre war. They flew an extraordinary range of aircraft, often without any formal conversion training and simply from the pilots operating notes, supplied with the plane. They experienced a great deal of sexism - one pair of girls, delivering a bomber, went to report to the senior officer, for official handover and he refused to believe they flew it and had the plane searched, for a hiding male pilot. They often flew dangerous routes, without any defences and often had to deal with problems not picked up in the last factory inspection before the planes delivery. A number of the women became famous for flying in weather that would ground the men in the squadrons and although not in battle conditions, a lot of the most adventurous and intelligent girls were lost - killed.

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When do the pilots take the us air force planes for a test drive?

Before the AF takes custody of an aircraft from the company that builds it. It goes through numerous hours of acceptance flights. During these flights, the AF personnel will test the equipment on the plane to make sure it is functioning correctly.

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