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Q: Did yuvraj singh's father accept Islam?
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Who was the first ansari to accept Islam?

Habib ibn Zayd al-Ansari's father, Zayd ibn Asim, was one of the first in Yathrib to accept Islam and his mother, Nusaybah bint Kab(Umm Ammarah) was the first woman to fight in defence of Islam.

Who are the sponsors of Islam anywhere in the world?

No one sponsors Islam. It is a religion. Any human may accept or not accept Islam. There is no compulsion.

Accept Islam please?

Whether or not someone accepts Islam will depend greatly on what kind of experience they've had with practitioners of Islam. If they've had a positive experience, they are more likely to accept Islam.

Who is possible dhoni accept the Islam?

Perhaps he accept it. But he is a hindu.

Does dhoni accept Islam?

May be because islam is truth religion

That person who accept the first Islam?

Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first person to accept Islam

Did dhoni accept Islam?


Did bill golberg accept Islam?


How did aisha bint abu bakr accept Islam?

She was a young child when her father accepted Islam. So she was brought up in a Muslim house. She was married to the holy Prophet (SAW) at a young age. She can be called a born Muslim.

How Brett lee accept reliogen Islam?

yes he tries to religion islam

Did MS dhoni accept Islam?

No Ms Dhoni cannot accept Islam because he is Hindu.

Who or what is the founding father of Islam?

The prophet Mohammad was the founder of Islam.