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The main difference between the fiscal and budget deficit is of time period in consideration.

Fiscal Deficit is the Govt. Deficit (Government Expenditures - Government Earnings (excluding borrowings)) for a fiscal year let say 2008-09 while...

Budget Deficit is the Govt. Deficit in fiscal year 2008-09 (i.e. fiscal deficit for year 2008-09) plus the past Debt over the Government (i.e. the net sum of all past Fiscal deficit/surplus before fiscal year 2008-09).

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Q: Difference between budget deficit and fiscal deficit?
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What is the difference among fiscal deficit budget deficit revenue deficit and trade deficit?

fiscal deficit: not enough money budget deficit: not as much money as you had planned to have in your budget revenue deficit: not enough money coming in trade deficit: you are spending more money on imports than the amount of money which you receive for your exports.

What is the Difference between fiscal deficit and revenue surplus?

Budget for a fiscal year is a statement of revenue and expenditure of the government for the particular year. If the expenditure is more than the revenue for a particular year, then this difference is called the fiscal deficit. If the revenue is more than the expenditure for a particular year then this difference is called the excess revenue.

What is primary deficit in a budget?

Primary deficit=Fiscal deficit-[minus] Interest payments

How is the deficit different than the national debt?

The deficit only includes shortfalls in the budget for the current fiscal year.

How is deficit different than the national debt?

The deficit only includes shortfalls in the budget for the current fiscal year.

What is primary deficit?

Primary deficit is the gross deficit which is obtained by subtracting interest payments from budget deficit of any country of a particular year. We need to know the value of primary deficit, while calculating the fiscal deficit.Alternative Definition of Primary DeficitPrimary deficit corresponds to the net borrowing, which is required to meet the expenditure excluding the interest payment.Primary Deficit = (Fiscal Deficit - Interest Payment)Statistical reports: Primary deficit ( in India)In the fiscal year 1999-2000: primary deficit was (-) Rs.2598.72 croreIn the fiscal year 2000-2001: primary deficit was (-) Rs.1038.38 croreIn the fiscal year 2001-2002: primary deficit was (-) Rs.2598.72 croreOver the last few year the fiscal status of India has improved. In the fiscal year 2006-07, the revenue deficit in India was 2%, primary deficit was 0.1% and fiscal deficit was 3.7 percent. The government of India budget for 2007-08 predicts a revenue deficit of 1.5%, primary deficit of -0.2% and fiscal deficit of 3.3 percent.

How many types of deficit in Indian budget?

Currently in 2010-2011 1. Revenue Deficit 2. Fiscal Deficit 3.Primary Deficit. There used to be these 2 more type which have been now abolished 4. Budget Deficit 5. Monetised Deficit

Why always Indian have deficit budget?

Indian economy operates at deficit budget because India is a growing economy and a deficit budget alway boosts the economy.Indian economy is a planned economy where the Fiscal budget of total expenditure is always higher than total budget receipts and capital receipts excluding borrowings.

When does the government spend more money than it takes in from taxes and other sources in a fiscal year?

budget deficit

Fiscal policy and monetary policy?

fiscal is the governments budget in terms of spending and expenditure. so there can either be a budget deficit or a budget surplus. when there is a budget surplus, government use a contractionary fiscal policy, and when there is a deficit, they use an expansionary fiscal policy. Monetary policy is used to combat an economy growing to quickly and inflation is rising. in most countries this is the Official Cash Rate. There is a tight monetary policy which government can impose if the economy is growing rapidly and this is used to constrict spending within that economy

If government officials are calculating the amount of money the federal government borrows for one fiscal year, they are _____.?

calculating a budget deficit

If government officials are calculating the amount of money the federal government borrows for one fiscal year they are?

calculating a budget deficit

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