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Oracle Application Server is considered an Enterprise Platform with higher capabilities than Apache Tomcat. It is however more demanding and complex to manage and maintain.

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Q: Difference between oracle application server apache tomcat server?
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Difference between oracle dba and oracle apps dba?

Oracle dba is the person administering the oracle database, and where as oracle application dba is resposible for managinf the middle ware (application Server) as well as oracle database. oracle dba will not look into middle ware.

What is the difference between oracle and foxpro?

difference between oracle and foxpro

What is the difference between Oracle forms 4.5 and forms 9i?

Both of them are application development tools from Oracle One of the difference is Oracle forms 4.5 uses two tier technology ie it is client server based. It needs the Oracle client to run Oracle forms 9i uses uses three tier technology ie the application developed using it runs on an internet brower.

What is difference between oracle 8i and oracle 11g?

There really is not a big difference between Oracle 8i and Oracle 11G. They are both the same product, just different versions.

What is the Difference between oracle apps technical and functional consultant?

At a very high level Oracle Apps Functional Consultant -> One who understands business flows/processes and ways to do setup/tweak in oracle application to suite business needs. Oracle Apps Technical Consultant -> One who understands the oracle application architecture and table-relations etc.

What is the difference between oracle 88i9i11i10g?

They are just different versions of Oracle.

What is difference between oracle 10g and oracle11i?

The simple answer is that Oracle 10g is a real product from Oracle. Oracle 11i does not exist; the Oracle product is Oracle 11g.

What is the difference between oracle and oracle erp?

Oracle is a database corporation that has many products such as Database, BI and ERP

Difference between weblogic server and application server?

WebLogic server uses a Web Logic Scripting Tool. Oracle Application Server uses both the Enterprise Manager Command-Line Utility tool and the Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server tool.

Difference between oracle asap and oracle brm?

Oracle ASAP is an application for provisioning network elements (OSS), while Oracle BRM is a billing application (BSS). The first one deals with work orders and the protocols for the elements to be provisioned (TELNET, FTP, Web Servcies,...). The second one focuses on defining rating plans, discounts, currencies, taxes, and many other billing information.

What is the difference between Oracle functional consultant and Oracle Techno-Functional consultant?


What is the difference between oracle and visual basic which one is the best suited for backup database system?

Oracle is a RDBMS software, means, Oracle holds the database (data created/updated using application). Visual basic is tool to develop applications & this is from Microsoft. You can write programs/application to access the data from the RDBMS like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. Since the functionality differs (i.e. Oracle = RDBMS & Visual basic =Application development Tool) for the two software applications, "which one is the best" can not be answered.

What is the difference between sybase and oracle?

difference is only in their name. Sybase is developed by a farmer named sybase and oracle is developed by an actor oracle. sybase is tool which will help farmers and oracle is used to invent the actor inside us.

What is the difference between oracle developer and development?

Products and Services

What is the difference between oracle exadata and oracle database?

Oracle database is software only. Oracle Exadata is the Oracle database provided on various pre-configured hardware devices. A plug-n-play Oracle database if you will.

What is full form of oaf in oracle?

Oracle Application Form

What are the differences between MySQL and Oracle?

The Oracle link, below, gives an objective comparison between MySQL and Oracle (n.b., a great deal of the lengthy page contains computer terminology that the average layman may not understand). what is the difference between oracle and MySQL?

What is the full form of oracle 9i?

what is difference between oracle 9i and oracle 10g what is difference between oracle 9i and oracle 10g What is the Full form of "i" in Oracle 9i What is the Full form of "g" in Oracle 10g ans =the oracle 9i the "i" is stands for internet and oracle 10g the " g" stands for grid and new version of oracle 11g was launch in 2007 it provided the special feature rather 8i ,9i other it have a RAC, and network security etc. and good for organization purpose .

Difference between Oracle 11g and 11i?

Oracle 11i refers to the Oracle ERP Application Suite (often called Oracle E-Business Suite) and really has nothing to do with the database. The latest release (12) will be referred to as 12i. The confusing part is that Oracle used to call its database "i" for "internet" in releases 8 and 9, but now calls the database "g" for "grid". So, to summarize, Oracle 11i refers to the apps and Oracle 11g refers to the database.

Difference between oracle 88i and 9i?

no. of database rules they follow.

What is the difference between oracle and oracle dba?

Oracle is one of the popular database and DBA (DataBase Administrator) is the person who maintain the database (install oracle software, create,setup,maintain database)

What has the author John Edward Scott written?

John Edward Scott has written: 'Pro Oracle application express' 'Expert Oracle application express' -- subject(s): Development, Oracle (Computer file), Application software

Difference between system administrator and application developer?

You can create the user, responsibility, assigning printers, defining concurrent request groups and defining the concurrent managers where as you cannot do it using Application Developer responsibility. Using application developer resp. you can register the application in Oracle applications and also get the same features in sysadmin.

Difference between oracle 10g and sql in points?

god only knows

What is the difference between Oracle Database and an Oracle application?

Oracle is a Relational DataBase Management System Software (RDBMS) Oracle Application is a s/w that Operates on the Data Existed in the DataBase. e.g:- Oracle 8i,9i,10g,11g are DataBases. Oracle Fusion,Siebel CRM etc. are Applications. Simple Scenario where exactly we found the differences b/w these two:- ================================================== For example,the Data Related to Customers of a Bank is Stored inside the DataBase(either 10g,8i,or 9i) and after every month the Bank has to Generate the Reports for each Customer in word (or) PDF (or)html exactly in this scenario the Oracle Application(11i,12i) comes into the Picture it Generates the Reports based on the DataStored inside the DataBase by connecting to the DataBase.