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The main difference in serial and batch processing is that serial processing is done in a specific sequential order while batch processing is not done in any specific order. Batch processing is done a computer with out any manual intervention.

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Q: Difference between serial and batch processing?
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Explain the difference between batch processing and real-time processing?

explain the difference between batch processing and real-time processing

What is the difference between serial processing and batch processing?

Serial Processing means that the processing that occr sequentially.Results of one action are known before a next action is considered.In the case of batch processing execution of a series of programs or jobs on a computer without mannual intervention.

What is the difference between batch processing Online Processing and real time processing?

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Difference between batch processing and time sharing?

In batch processing the tasks are performed in batches. In time sharing, the operating system shares the time between each task.

What is difference between batch and real time processing?

In Batch processing data is saved in database but not processed until specific time while in real time processing data is processed immediately as it is provided.

What is the difference between batch processing and interactive processing?

Batch processing: collecting jobs in a single batch and then execute them without further interaction what the user. Interactive processing: Allows a program being executed to carry on a dialogue with the user through remote terminals. Requires real-time processing.

Difference between Time sharing operating system and batch processing operating system?

Differentiate between Simple Batch Operating Systems and Time-sharing Operating Systems

Explain the diference between batch processing and real-time processing?

With batch processing, there is a list of commands generated and placed in a batch list. When the batch is ready, it is executed. In real-time processing, every command is executed immediately after it's been given.

The difference between batch processing on line and real time processing system?

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Examples of batch processing?

what is batch processing and their examples?

Advantages and disadvantages of batch processing?

delay between collecting the transection and receiving the results of processing

What is the difference between batch processing and real-time processing?

Batch processing involved a number of similar products on a production line either being designed or manufactured. Once a batch has been completed, the production line either stops, or another patch starts. Real-time processing is done instantly, and can be referenced to JIT (Just-In-Time) Production used in Business terms. As it consists of completing things "to order".

What are the batch costing and batch processing and job costing?

batch coting

The difference between batch processing and real-time processing?

In real time processing the user initiates a transaction through interaction with, usually, an input screen and sends the data to be processed. The response should come back immediately for the next cycle of reading, input, sending, processing and response. In batch processing the input records are held in a file or files which are input in one go to the batch process which deals with all records without any further interaction. This is typically done without user interaction.

Difference between batch sharing and time sharing?

The main difference between batch sharing and time sharing is that in batch sharing system tasks are processed in order in which they arrive. Whereas, in the later the system switches between tasks.

What is the difference between lot number and batch number and serial number?

i batch is five a lot is oh ten or so. so when next time some says i have got a batch of numbers to sort out say in your mind that's only 5 you should of said

Is ATM online batch or real time processing?

It is both, it contain both elements of batch processing and elements of real-time processing. PIN verification uses real-time processing and the customer record shall only be updated at the end of the day(batch processing).

Difference between batch and continuous process?

You didn't give a context, but in an application like credit card processing a batch process collects a number of transactions into a batch and then sends them all at once at a predetermined time or as part of a manual process. A continuous process would process the cards as they were presented. In reality there is a mix in CC processing where a quick check is made on validity of card when presented and complete processing in a batch. In some transmission applications data is first collected and then "burst" out at a later time or after all the data is collected. This is analogous to a batch transmission.

Example of batch processing operating system?

A program reads a large file and gives the report is example of batch processing

What are the four methods of data processing in computer?

It's Batch Processing,Realtime Processing,On line Processing and Distributed Processing.

Spooling is necessary in batch processing system?

Not necessarily. It depends on what you are processing.

What is the difference between rem and echo in batch?

rem is a comment that is only seen if you edit the batch echo actually is printed when the batch is running

What are four methods of data processing?

The four methods of data processing are batch processing, realtime processing, on line processing and distributed processing.

What advantages does batch processing have over real-time processing?

In Batch Processing is an offline system,where time factor is not crucial.In Real-time processing is online,where time factor is very crucial.We cannot make any dealys of time in Real-time system,in comparisons to Batch proceesing Systems.

Characteristics of batch processing?

Batch processing is a systematic execution of a series of tasks or programs on a computer. Characteristics include that processing is done automatically without manual input, and the process amortizes the computer system.

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