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The stamen and anther are both parts of a flower. The difference between them is that the stamen is the male organ of the flower and the anther is where pollen is produced.

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What is the difference between stamen and anther?

The Stamen is the male reproductive organ made up of two parts, the stalk-like bit called the filament, and the bit on top which is the anther

What is the part of stamen?

The anther and filament is apart of the stamen

What are the anther and filament parts of a flower?

The anther produces pollen and is the part of the stamen. The stamen is a slender filament that supports the anther and produces part of the flower.

A sentence for anther?

The anther is the pollen bearing part of the stamen

What holds the anther?

In flowers, there's two sexual organs, the stamen, and the pistil. On the stamen, the anther is responsible for holding pollen.

What is the anther of the flower?

The anther is a part of the flower that has the pollen. It is part of the stamen.

What rhymes with panther?

Anther, which is the pollen-bearing part of a stamen.anther

What is the stamen made of?

anther and filament

What produces pollen?

it is the anther, not the stamen

What is found on top of the stamen?


What is difference between anther and filament?

Anther makes pollen grains which are carried away so they can pollinate other flowers. Filament holds the part anther which makes pollen grains.They are both included in male part stamen so they do not have huge differences.

In flower pollen is produced in the?

In a flower, the pollen is produced in the stamen, particularly the anther. The stamen is made up of a filament that supports the anther.

What is the stamen made up of?

A stamen is made up of a filament and the anther lobe

What two parts make a stamen?

A stamen is comprised of a filament (stalk) and an anther.

What part of the stamen makes pollen?

The stamen is the male sex organ in a plant.It consists of the filament and the anther. The anther makes the pollen grains.

What is the part of the stamen containing the pollen?

The Anther

Which part of the stamen makes the pollen?


What is the terminal part of a flowers stamen?


What are the filament and anther parts of?

they are parts of the stamen

What are two parts of the stamen?

anther and phelement

What is the Pollen bearing part of a stamen?


What is the tip of the stamen that makes pollen?

The anther

What is the purpose of the stamen in the reproduction of flowers?

The stamen and the anther are male reproductive organs in a flower

What are the 3 parts that make up the stamen?

a stamen has 2 parts. the anther and the filament

What is the purpose of the stamen?

The male reproductive part of a flower is called the stamen which include the anther and the filament. The stamen helps in pollination.