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Guidance is being told how you should do things.

Advice is just ideas that you could follow to do something.

In other words, guidance is mandatory, advice is not.

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What is the defference between guaidance and counseling?

The difference between guidance and counseling is, guidance people gives you advice and tell you to do your best. Counselors, they listen to your problems that are happening at home and school. After you tell the Counselors your problems, they will help you to solve them. That's the difference between guidance and counseling.

Advice and advise?

Advise in a verb. It means to offer suggestions, to give guidance, to cousel.Advice is a noun. It means cousel, guidance, suggestions of what to do.Advise in the action of couseling; advice is the cousel itself.For example: I advise you to heed the advice of your grandfather.

Brief history of guidance and counseling?

what is the difference between guidance and counsellig

How do you access guidance information and advice about handling information?

in office

What is difference between formal and informal guidance?

difference between formal and informal guidance in school

Is advice an abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'advice', is an abstract noun; a word for guidance or a recommendation; a word for a concept.

What is the meaning of the word advice?

a helping gesture of speech counsel, guidance,

What is guidence?

Guidance is advice given to someone with little or no experience by a professional. Employees are given guidance about future career moves with their employer.

What is guidance?

Guidance is advice targeting a specific problem or struggle. But you may be referring to The Guidance Office at your school. Which is just where a guidance counselor can help you.

What is the difference between Direct and indirect guidance?

the teacher's role in the classroom as guidance counselor

Is advice a noun?

Yes, the word advice is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for guidance or a recommendation; a thing.

How is guidance and counselling a two sides coins?

Guidance is, e.g. advice. Counselling is a deeper perspective, as you can tell your counsellor about the problems you have, guidance in in general, from either a friend or a family member. Welcome! (:

Is advice a non count noun?

Yes, the noun advice is a non-count, a common abstract noun; a word for guidance or a recommendation; a thing. Plurals are expressed as words of advice, bits of advice, or pieces of advice.

Definition of guidance?

something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action

What is the abstact noun of advice?

The noun 'advice' is an abstract noun, a word for guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action; a word for information; a word for a concept.

Differences of guidance and counseling?

Guidance is an act of supervising a person, nurturing someone to do good sort of mentoring someone that wants direction with the occasional advice. Counselling is just talking to the person having a problem and giving them advice.

What is another word for guidance?

Guidance can sometimes mean directional control or steering (as in missile guidance controls). But it more often means "direction" in life : advice, counsel, tips, suggestions, or recommendations.

What is the abstract noun for advices?

The noun is advice, a common abstract noun; a word for guidance or a recommendation; a thing.The word advice is a non-count noun; plurals are expressed in words of advice or pieces of advice.

What is the synonym of advice?

counsel Also; guidance, help, opinion, direction, suggestion, instruction

What are the disadvantages of a franchisor?

- established brand. - promotions ect. - less risk. - get advice & guidance.

Can you give me a sentence with counselor?

Some of the students at the school received advice from the guidance counselor.

What is the motto of Dechert?

The motto of Dechert is 'Definitive advice, practical guidance, powerful advocacy'.

What is the difference between Guidelines and Guidance?

The difference between guidelines and guidance is that the former is usually stipulated by rules and regulations and comes in written format. Guidance, on the other hand, is not binded by rules and is a form of support which is typically given verbally.

What is the definition of 'guidance' and 'counseling' discus types of counseling with example?

guidance and counseling are interchangable terms, but the main difference is guidance refers to helping somebody plan or choose a path or direction, whereas counseling it giving general advice that could pertain to almost anything. An example of counseling, that may not be considered guidance might be therapy. Many therapists counsel their clients and attempt to inprove their coping skills without actually pushing them in any direction.

What is the noun of advice?

The noun 'advice' is a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action; a word for information.