Differences between DHTML and XML

Updated: 9/14/2023
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HTML and its derrivative DHTML is used to position information in a web page, and XML is used to describe that information.

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Q: Differences between DHTML and XML
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What would provide structured content that would indicate the code is describing?

XML (apex)

What are the differences between Microsoft Excel and XMl?

the inner format.

What are the differences between htmlxmlsgml and xhtml?

basikly xhtml is a mics of html and xml. the difference in html and xhtml is that xhtml is a more strict on the syntax and defined as a xml document. xml is a self defined language... in short it is a strikter html in xml format...

What is the difference between an HTML page and a dhtml page?

DHTML combines HTML, JavaScript, the HTML DOM, and CSS.

What is the difference between html and dhtml in hindi?


What are the different kinds of HTML?

Some different technologies that are built on top of HTML are DHTML - Dynamic HTML, XHTML - Extended HTML, XML - Extended Markup Language etc.

How do you compare one XML file with many XML files?

you could use an xml tool that would allow you to compare the files, most xml tools normally refer to this feature as xml diff, it allows you to compare differences in multiple xml files.

What is the difference between xslt and xml?

XML is a language used to store data. XSLT is a language which is used to transform XML into other XML.

What if difference between HTML and dHTML?

DHTML was an old term we used to describe HTML that was being played with using Javascript (or J-Script) The term was derived from "Dynamic HTML." Javascript is now very widely used, and so the term DHTML has gone by the wayside.

What is difference between XML property and XML dimension?

The xml property returns the XML of a node and its descendants.Dimension is a type used for a variety of purposes for defining values

What are the differences between css and xsl?

CSS is used to format HTML documents (webpages); XSL is used to tell a browser in what format to display an XML document.

How can you tell if a website is using DHTML?

DHTML is a combination of javascript, css and html. normally a website with collapse/open menu function is built with DHTML.