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Q: Differences between bioreserve and wildlife sanctuary?
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What is the better between a zoo and wildlife sanctuary?

harry prebble

Difference between wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve?

Wildlife Sanctuary = areas where animals are protected from any disturbance to them and their habitat. Biosphere Reserve = large areas of protected land for conservation of wildlife , plant and animal resources and traditional life of tribal living in that area.

What is the difference between bio reserve and wild life sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary can be anywhere, managed by anyone or any group. "Man and Biosphere Reserve" is a designation given by UNESCO.

What is the difference between wildlife sanctuary and Safari?

A Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected forest where wild animals live without danger of human hunting/poaching. The whole area is protected by rangers and the animals that live in the sanctuary are constantly monitored. A Wildlife Safari is like a tour where one or more wildlife rangers and tourist guides take us for a trip through the jungle either in the day or night. This is different than seeing animals in the zoo because you see them in their natural habitat.

What is a differences between a national park and a sanctury?

The main difference is in who manages the site. A sanctuary may or may not be a national park because it could be managed by a local, state, federal, or private entity other than the National Park Service. Many national parks are wildlife sanctuaries, but not all wildlife sanctuaries are national parks.

Difference between biosphere reserves and wildlife sanctuaries?

A biosphere reserve allows limited economic activity and living laboratories. A wildlife sanctuary is a protected area where limited human activity is allowed.

What is the difference between biosphere reserves wildlife sanctuaries and national parks?

A national park is a large area where one or several ecosystems exist and where animal species are kept for special educative and recreative interests and Wildlife sanctuary is similar to national park,but is dedicated to protect wildlife

What is the dissimilarity between zoo and wildlife sanctuary?

In the zoo, the states are not suitable. In the zoo, Animals are living in the false setting instead of there natural habitat, they are at ease in there natural habitat.

What is the difference between a wildlife sanctuary and a national park?

The main difference is what government (or non-government) agency manages the land and its resources. Each agency has different priorities as mandated by their organizing legislation. National parks can be wildlife sanctuaries, but a sanctuary is not necessarily a national park. A sanctuary may be set aside by government agency or private group or individual. National parks have specific legislation on the federal level and follow certain laws. The National Park Service manages U.S. national parks, which happen to be wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife sanctuaries may be managed by a number of other agencies, state, local, federal, non-government organization, or private interests.

What is difference between a sanctuary and a national park?

A sanctuary is a "place of safety." A wildlife sanctuary is a place where wildlife can live, or pause during migration, and be protected from most human-created disturbances. By definition, a National Park is a tract of land managed by the National Park Service (US Department of the Interior). Many national parks are also wildlife sanctuaries in that they protect wildlife and their habitat. As mandated by the Congressional Act that formed the National Park Service, National parks must also allow for visitors to access the land and the wildlife, but other wildlife sanctuaries do not necessarily imply easy access for people. Other federal, state, local, or private groups can set aside and manage "sanctuaries" also. Marshes are commonly set aside as wildlife sanctuaries because they provide important habitat for numerous species and are not easily accessible by people anyway. More than anything the difference between a sanctuary and a national park is a question of what agency manages the land and exactly how the land is used: national parks are managed by the National Park Service, and "sanctuaries," a much broader and non-specific term, may be included within parks or other lands (or not) and can be managed by any kind of agency or private institution.

Where is African Dawn Wildlife Sanctuary located?

Just between Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth. Well signposted from the N2 and R102. Really good day out, lots for the whole family to see and enjoy!

What is the differences between Scottish wildlife and African wildlife?

It is wild animals but at that it pretty much ends. In both places there is an animal called a wild cat, and these are very similar. Apart from this, there are very few species of mammal that are found both in africa and scotland

What is the difference between national parks and sanctuary?

National parks are formed by legislation, and sanctuary can be formed by legislation or privately owned. The status of a national park is higher than a sanctuary.

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There is no difference. The only difference is that it is illegal to take Australian wildlife. Most of the pet sugar gliders in the US have come from Indonesian stock.

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