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Differences between fraud and error?


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differences between errors and frauds

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An error represents an unintentional misstatement of the financial statement. it may be material or immaterial. fraud represents an intentional misstatement of the financial statement which can be material or immaterial.

Semantics errors are Logical, Syntax errors are code errors.

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THE SHORTAGE CAN BE EITHER DUE TO ERROR OR FRAUD.some of the errors which can cause shortage are;errors of omissionerrors of original entryerror of principleerror of commissionall these errors can be corrected but fraud is treated as THEFT!

What is the difference between fraud and misinterpretation what do you undersatnd by mistake?

The mean sum of squares due to error: this is the sum of the squares of the differences between the observed values and the predicted values divided by the number of observations.

The difference between auditing and fraud examination is that with auditing they are simply checking to make sure all of the numbers on the accounting books add up correctly. However fraud examination is done when there has been proof of fraud.

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Random error is the error made because of some calculation mistakes but systematic error is the difference between the real value and the value that you found.

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