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Echinoderms are a category of sea invertebrates; there are 5 groups of echinoderms, Asteroidea, Crinoidea, Echinoidea, Holothuroidea and Ophiuroidea. A sea cucumber is a holothuroidea; their lengthy body surrounded by leathery skin identifies holothuroideas. A sea lily is a crinoidea; crinoidea feed off the seabed with a mouth at the top of their body.

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Q: Differences between sea urchins and sea cucumbers?
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What are the relatives of the sea star?

Sea urchins, sea cucumbers...

What are the four major groups of echinoderms?

There are actually four major classes of echinoderms. These are Crinoidea, Asteroidea, Ophiuroidea, Eichionidea, Holothuroidea, and Concentricyloidea. The animals in these range from sea lilies to sea urchins.

Are sea cucumbers sponges?

No. Sea cucumbers are part of the Echindermata phylum along with sea stars and sea urchins.

What are the groups of echinoderms?

Sea stars, brittle stars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers.

What else is like Starfishes sea urchins and sea cucumbers?

Seastars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers are all members of the phylum Echinodermata. Other members of this phylum include: sand dollars, brittle stars, basket stars, feather stars, sea lilies, and heart urchins.

What is the common namre of echinodermata?

sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers.

What sea creature related to a sea lily?

Starfish, Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers are related to Sea Lily's

What types of organisms are in the phylum echinodermata?

Starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and sand dollars.

Are Sea Urchins mollusks?

No - sea urchins are part of the echinoderm phylum, with sand dollars, starfish and sea cucumbers.

Do Whale's defecate sea cucumbers?

No. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms-like starfish and sea urchins. There are some 1,250 known species, and many of these animals are indeed shaped like soft-bodied cucumbers

What creatures are echinoderms?

Echinoderms include sea stars, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, etc.

What phylum contains sea stars?

Includes: Sea Stars, Sea Lillies, Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers, Brittle Stars