Different level of hotel service?

There are mainly three types of level of service: excellent customer service, acceptable customer service, and poor customer service. Every service could have large impact on hotel complex. Customer expectation is what they want to get while customer perception is what they really feel. When the expectation is higher than perception (E>P), it means customer get more than they wish. It could be an excellent service and has positive impact on hotel complex. With customer satisfaction, they are delight and be a member of re-booking guest. More customer loyalty would bring a good reputation in industry and keep a large number of customers. This would bring increasing revenue and profit and finally taking more market share. This could help hotel build up competitive advantages. When the expectation is equal to perception (E=P), it is known as an acceptable customer. The hotel complex could satisfy customer and maintain its customer, revenue, profit and market share in short term. If there is no promotion or development implemented, the better service the hotel's competitors provide would take more market share in the future. When the expectation is lower than perception (E<P), a poor customer service occurs. The majority of unsatisfied customer will never come back and the hotel looses both customer and their loyalty. The bad hotel reputation would lead to revenue and profit loosing. With less and less market share, the hotel will finally be bankruptcy.