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Pulse rate and heart rate are actually the same thing. Pulse is felt on the arteries whereas heart rate is mostly heart by a stethoscope on the surface of chest. However, there could be differences in the heart rate and pulse rate in certain medical conditions like coarctation of aorta.

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If your pulse rate increase your heart rate does what?

Your pulse rate is your heart rate.

Is a heart rate the same as a pulse rate?

Your pulse is your heart rate, as you exercise your heart rate goes up and you measure this by checking your pulse.

Why when we speed up our heart pulse rate increase?

The pulse is a measure of the heart rate.

Why do you have a pulse rate?

Your heart beats causing a pulse rate.

The pulse rate is equal to?

the pulse rate is usually equal to the heart rate

How does the pulse rate compare to the heartbeat rate?

the pulse rate and the heart rate are mainly the same but only have a small difrance which is that the heart beat is only your heart but the pulse rate is in more places around your body.

What does a pulse rate measure?

Your pulse rate measures the number of heart beats your heart does in a minute

Why are heart rate and pulse rate the same?

because the pulse is the beat of the heart well that is it do u get it

What is the munipluated variable pulse heart rate?

pulse rate in legs

How are heart beat and pulse rate related?

Pulse rate(AKA heart rate) is number of beats per minute

What is a heart rate sensor?

Heart rate sensors. A pulse monitor placed on the finger tip can monitor pulse rate.

How is your pulse rate related to your heartbeat?

Your pulse rate is the same as your heart beat rate.

What is the name of the machine that checks your heart rate and your pulse?

The machine that checks heart rate and pulse is stetoscope

Why can you substitute pulse rate for heart rate?

cause it is a shortcut for your heart rate

What is you pulse in the body?

Pulse measures the heart rate.

What rhymes with heart rate?

Pulse Rate

What is the normal tibial pulse rate?

A distal pulse should be the same rate as a femoral pulse, carotid pulse, brachial pulse, pedal pulse, or radial pulse. The strength of the pulse may be harder to feel the further away from the heart, but the rate should be the same. One heart, One Pulse Rate. The Normal heart rate/pulse in an adult is 60-100 beats per minute. Less of course, in the super healthy athlete.

What organs play a part in pulse rate?

Your heart is the organ involved in the pulse rate.

What is the connection between your pulse and heart rate?

Pulse and Heart rate are two different ways to express the same thing

What is the effect of cooling on pulse rate?

Cooling slows heart rate, thus slowing the pulse rate.

Does the Garmin Forerunner GPS with heart rate monitor give your pulse rate?

No, it does not give your pulse rate.

What is the different with pulse rate and heart rate?

Pulse rate is the number of times the heart beats in one minute. There is no difference- they are together working as one.

A slow heart rate characterized by a pulse rate under 60 beats per minute is called?

A slow heart rate characterized by a pulse rate under 60 beats per minute is called bradycardia. Tachycardia is a fast pulse/heart rate.

What is the scientific name for heart rate?

pulse rate!

What are the 2 connections between respiration rate and pulse rate?

The respiration rate is your breathing rate and your pulse rate is your heart beat.