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Q: Differentiate site from event attractions natural from man - made attraction?
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What is event attraction?

event attractions,include congresses.exhibitions,festivas, such as the anti-festival,and sports events such as olympics games.

What are historical attractions?

An hisorical attraction is the place where an important event happened. Such places as the Ford Theatre, Barter Theatre, St. Augustine, The Empire State Building, ect. have historical significance for one reason or another. Usually the building or site is preserved in the time period the event happened so that the visitor might experience the time period. Every state has historical attractions. These differ from natural attractions like the Grand Canyon, Pike's Peak, or Niagara Falls. These attractions are nature made, not man made. But in every state, important local or national events happen at a specific place and that place becomes an historical attraction.

What is Event attractions?

event attractions,include congresses.exhibitions,festivas, such as the anti-festival,and sports events such as Olympics games.

Are there televisions at main event attractions?


How do you differentiate a reflection event from refraction event in a seismic record?

refraction event is a stright line and reflection is a hyperbolic event

Define a natural event?

it is natural is it from earth

What evidence supports the idea that extinction is a natural event?

the idea that extinction evedince is a natural event

What describes a natural event but does not explain why the event happens?

An observation.

What is an example of natural event?

a hurricane

What is an extreme natural event?

A extreme natural event is an act of nature that has damage to people and their environment E.g Earthquakes,tsunamis. tornado

Which event must occur first in appositional growth of bones?

The event that occurs first in appositional growth of bones is cells of inner layer of periosteum differentiate into osteoblasts.

Differentiate catering from banquet service?

The actual difference is between the cost and the sale price of an item. .... Catering Event Order or Banquet Event Order as per hired.

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