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Diffuse cortical atrophy?

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Diffuse cortical atrophy is degeneration of brain cells that can be caused by genetics, an injury, or age-related. A disease like Alzheimer's can present symptoms of cortical atrophy.

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What is diffuse mild cortical atrophy?

Diffuse mild cortical atrophy means a little bit of shrinkage all over the brain cortex.

How do you control the mild diffuse cortical atrophy?

the power of love

What is cortical atrophy of the kidney?

what is mild cortical atrophy in the kidney

What is the treatment for cortical atrophy of the brain?

There is no treatment for cortical atrophy of the brain; just support and nursing care.

What is diffuse global atrophy?

Diffuse global atrophy, or diffuse brain atrophy, is when the brain shrinks in size. It's more severe than the atrophy that occurs normally with aging.

What is cortical atrophy?

The word cortical refers to 'cortex,' or the outer layer of an organ. Atrophy implies a decrease in size of an organ.

What does prominence of the cerebral cortical sulci mean?

It's a sign of (severe) cerebral atrophy. It's being seen on CT or/and MRI scans of the brain. Generalized sulcal prominence diffusely is consistent with diffuse brain atrophy.

What happens when there is diffuse atrophy of the pancreas?

atrophy of the pancreas

What is mild diffuse cortical atrophy age appropriate?

AnswerCortical (brain-related) atrophy means wasting away and decrease in size of gray matter of brain. Diffuse means the wasting is generalizedGeneralized anxiety disorder, not confined to one particular area. Age related may mean the result of aging (over 55-60).

What is mild diffuse atrophy?

Mild, generalised shrinkage.There is some shrinking (atrophy) throughout (diffuse) the organ being studied and it is not severe (mild).

What does mild diffuse atrophy mean in a CT report?

There is some shrinking (atrophy) throughout (diffuse) the organ being studied and it is not severe (mild).

What is mild frontoparietal cortical atrophy?

This refers to atrophy (i.e., loss of cells) in the frontal and parietal regions of the brain.

What is mild cortical atrophy?

Cortical atrophy is a condition where the brain cells begin to deteriorate. Medical conditions that are related to this are Dementia and Alzheimerâ??s. Outside substances such as alcohol and drug use can also cause this condition.

What is diffuse cerebral atrophy?

It means a loss of neurons and the connections between them in the brain. Atrophy means loss of cells

What is meaning of Diffuse brain atrophy?

Diffuse means all over the brain. Atrophy means a shrinking. So the terminology means that the brain is shrinking all over. It is often seen in dementia.

What condition is characterized by cortical atrophy and loss of neurons in the parietal and temporal lobes?

Alzheimer's disease.

What does it mean when you have been diagnosed with congitive problems and CT scan of diffuse cerebral atrophy?

Cognitive problems=Higher mental facilities (speech, thinking, abstract ideas, memory) etc defects.Diffuse cerebral atrophy=The brain has shrunk, common with age.

Causes of mild cerebral cortical atrophy?

Ischemic Demyelination Sturge webers Hemiatrophy

What is severe corticol atrophy?

Severe cortical atrophy is also known as dementia. The symptoms of dementia are a progressive impairment of memory and intellectual function that is severe enough to interfere with the activities of daily living.

What does it mean by cerebral cortical atrophy?

Cerebral atrophy is the progressive loss of brain cells over a period of time. Cerebral atrophy can affect the entire brain or just a portion. In the case of your question, the atrophy only happens in the brain's cortex.If the cortex is affected by cerebral atrophy, then the patient will, over time, lose control of their motor skills (sitting, walking, jumping, talking, etc.) and their sensory abilities. This is a life-threatening condition and there is no known cure.

What is Moderate cortical atrophy and scattered areas of chronic ischemic white matter changes of the brain?

'Atrophy' just means a reduction in size, due to disuse or disease. The cerebral cortex is the grey-matter (outer layer) of the brain that contains the neural cell bodies; as opposed to the white-matter which contains myelinated axons coursing away from each cell body. 'Ischaemia' refers to oxygen starvation in the brain (e.g. from stroke). Cortical atrophy due to ischaemia is therefore a reduction in the grey-matter volume due to lack of oxygen, followed by axonal pruning.

What is a Sentence for atrophy?

She has a muscular atrophy.

What is bone atrophy?

Atrophy is the wearing away of an organ or tissue because of lack of use. Bone Atrophy, obviously, is atrophy of bones.

What does it mean when you have been diagnosed with congitive problems and CT scan shows diffuse cerebral atrophy?

See the answer on the link below. In lay terms it means you have processing problems in the area of cognition and understanding. It means part of the cerebrum has some hardness (atrophy) and is not working to its fullest as it should be working. The technical definition is on the other link.

What is periventricular atrophy?

what is periventricular atrophy?Type your answer here...