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The Cat D5 dozer is over seven feet wide. The height of this dozer from the ground to the top of the cab is just over nine feet.

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Q: Dimensions of the cat d5 dozer?
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Where do you fill up the transmission in a Cat D5 96J dozer?

Under the seat.

What is Fuel consumption of D5 cat dozer?

less than 3.5-5 gals per hour

How much does a 1974 cat D5 dozer weigh and what horse power is it?

6,500 pounds and has 475 horses

How much does a cat d5 dozer weigh?

My 1972 96J D5 weighs 13 tons, or 26,000 lb. It's heavier than newer model D5's, since it was a D6 in prior model years.

What is the fuel consumption of a caterpillar D5 dozer?

The fuel consumption of a Caterpillar D5 dozer is dependent upon the work load of the dozer. Under a normal workload. The dozer should consume approximately 5 gallons of fuel per hour.

Do Caterpillar make dozer Cat D5?

Yes. The Caterpillar company makes various sizes of bulldozers, the largest being the D9.

What is fuel consumption of D8 cat dozer?

Hourly fuel consumption of a D8T dozer

Where can you buy used dozer?

cat D12r

Where can one finance the purchase of a Cat dozer?

In order to finance the purchase of a Cat dozer, a representitive from a local bank will be able to help. There are various plans for both long and short term loans, depending on the price of the Cat dozer.

How much does a cat d4 dozer weigh?


What is the weight for a d9n cat dozer?

98000 to 108000 lbs

What oil do you use in a D-5 cat dozer?


How much does a cat d9 dozer weigh?

49 tonnes

How much does a cat d5h dozer weigh?

38,000 pounds

How much does a d5g lgp cat dozer weigh?

A D5G LGP cat dozer weighs 20,402 lbs. The height is 9ft. It has a ground clearance of 1.3ft and has a 90 hp engine

How much does a cat d6d dozer weigh?

Type your answer here... 20tons

What is the hourly fuel rate of a D8-R Cat Dozer?


How heavy is the largest bull dozer?

The largest bull dozer is the Acco which is 183 tons and is powered by 2 675 hp cat engines

What is the fuel consumption of a D6N dozer?

The fuel consumption of a CAT D 6 N dozer is 12 - 26L per hour depending on the work.

How much does a cat d6 dozer weigh?

The Cat D6 has an operating weight of 18 tons (36,000 lbs).

What does a cat d11 dozer cost?

1.5 to 2 million dollars. Depends if you want options

How do you play Ironman on guitar?

b5 d5 d5 e5 g5f#5g5f#5 g5f#5 D5 D5 E5 E5

How much does a d13 caterpillar dozer weigh?

D11 Cat weighs 230,581 lb (104,589.8 kg)

How much does a cat dc3 dozer weigh?

There is no specific information on the weight of the Cat dc3 bulldozer. However, a bulldozer in general typically weighs about 49 tons.

Who imported hyster d7 caterpillarS to AFRICA IN THE 1960'S?

A cat D7H is a bull dozer , made by Caterpillar .