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he behave in myths good and sometimes cruel

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Q: Dionysus behave in myths
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What are some myths of Dionysus?

had sex with a rock

When was the Greek god Dionysus born?

There can be no answer. The greek myths had no chronology.

What Greek city is the myths of Dionysus most closely linked?


Are there any myths with Aphrodite and Dionysus?

They had a horribly deformed son named Priapus.

What Greek myths include the Greek god Dionysus?

his eternal wife on mount Olympus

Who were the graces parents in the greek myths?

Aphrodite and Dionysus or more popularly, Zeus and Eurynome.

Is there a long myth about Hestia?

No there is not. There are no myths all about hestia because she gave up her throne to dionysus the god of wine, so she is not mentioned in many myths.

Which came first Homer's Iliad Greek myths Sophocles Oedipus Rex Festival of Dionysus?

It is upon what we call the Greek myths, which was the religious stories of the Greeks for their gods and goddesses from which all of what we know (Illiad, Oedipus Rex, Festival of Dionysus) comes from.

What Greek stories told of Dionysus supposedly becoming king of the gods after Zeus?

This is not in any of the old myths.

What myths can be associated with Zeus?

narcissus and echo the overthrow of kronos How Athena was born how dionysus was born and lots more

What are the characteristics of greek drama?

Greek tragedies were plays that were based on myths. These plays were supposed to be performed to honor Dionysus, who is the Greek god of wine.

Is Dionysus married?

In Greek mythology, Dionysus is often portrayed as married to Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete. However, their marriage is not universally acknowledged in all myths and versions of the story. Some sources suggest that Dionysus was actually married to Aura or Aurae, the nymphs of the breezes.