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Is a dirt bike covered under homeowner personal property?

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Earth movement is generally not covered under a homeowners insurance policy so that should answer your question. The only case it might be covered is if you purchase an endorsement to add coverage for earthquake. Remember that maintenance and faulty building is not covered under homeowners insurance.

Dont know who is 'responsible' but the loss if reported to an insurance company would not be covered. //

You would have to have insurance on the dirt bike.

Homeowners insurance does not cover dirt bikes. There is dirt bike coverage that can be purchased. Dirt bikes are not required to be licensed in order to use them. Make sure that your dirt bike coverage stipulates that it is covered upon theft because not all policies include theft.

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For public roadways - If it is street legal, the operator has a driver's license, and if it has liability insurance. If no to any of the above - you can ride it on private property with the property owners permission.

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If you are taking it out on the street then you will need motorcycle insurance. If you are traveling on your property then your homeowner insurance will cover it.

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