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Extraction of high energy consumption, safety is not strong

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What are some disadvantages of hydrogen energy.?

it is very expensive compared to other forms of energy such as electricity

What are the disadvantages of using water as a hydrogen fuel source?

It takes more energy to separate the hydrogen than we can get at the end.

What are disadvantages for hydrogen?

hydrogen is highly explosive.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells?

The advantages of using hydrogen fuel cells are that they are an alternative fuel to fossil fuels, like coal, oil and gas. Also, burning or reacting hydrogen with oxygen runs electric motors and it's only emission is water vapour. The disadvantages of using hydrogen fuel cells is that hydrogen does not occur naturally on Earth and thus is not an energy source. It takes a great deal of energy to extract Hydrogen from water. Hope this helps! :)

Which energy has no disadvantages?

There are no energy sources without disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages about hydrogen?

It explodes

What are three advantages an disadvantages of hydrogen energy?

renewable energy source non-poluting very safe and in-expensive large amounts can be stored up and used later

What are some disadvantages of hydrogen energy?

Hydrogen Energy is currently more expensive than any other fuel source, there is also no existing infrastructure to accommodate a Hydrogen fuel cell. The process for extracting Hydrogen to be used also usually requires the use of burning fossil fuels, thus creating pollution. Then there is the fact Hydrogen is both hard to store and distribute.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy

What is the energy source for hydrogen?

the energy source for hydrogen is semen ;)

Does hydrogen have an energy source?

Hydrogen is an element and an energy source itself.

Why is hydrogen an excellent energy source?

It isn't - there are no large deposits of hydrogen anywhere. Hydrogen can be used for energy STORAGE.

How is hydrogen an alterative energy source?

Since there are no significant amounts of free hydrogen, it should be considered more of an energy storage than an energy source. In other words, it takes energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen; you get that energy back when the hydrogen is burned.

Stars produce energy by fusing hydrogen into what?

The products of hydrogen fusion are helium and energy.

What is the starting energy in the sun?

The nuclear energy available in the hydrogen. This is a kind of potential energy. Hydrogen has a higher energy level than helium.

Disadvantages of heat?

The disadvantages of heat are that if there is no solar energy, then there is no heat.

How is hydrogen helpful to humans?

Hydrogen helps humans conserve energy with combustion in our bodies. Without hydrogen there is no combustion, so there is no energy.

Why is hydrogen energy renewable?

This is probably assuming the hydrogen production is driven by wind energy which is renewable.

Is hydrogen a non-renewable or renewable energy source?

hydrogen is a renewable energy source

Can helium be turned into hydrogen to produce energy?

No, energy is produced by the opposite reaction, hydrogen to helium

What are some advantages and disadvantages of conserving energy?


Advantages and disadvantages of Bio-energy?


What is the process by which stars burn brightly?

Stars get their energy from nuclear fusion - mainly, hydrogen to helium.Stars get their energy from nuclear fusion - mainly, hydrogen to helium.Stars get their energy from nuclear fusion - mainly, hydrogen to helium.Stars get their energy from nuclear fusion - mainly, hydrogen to helium.

What are the similarities in the way uranium and hydrogen produce energy?

No similarities: - uranium: energy released by fission - hydrogen: energy released by oxidation

Disadvantages of hydrogen as a power source?

requires high pressure