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Bad housing conditions: the city gets over-populated and the demand for housing may lead to the building of houses in haste..this results in unsturdy houses. Pollution:there will be a concentration of waste in one place (the city). The cars, sueage etc. deforestation: trees will have to be cut down to build new houses. unjust working conditions: because people move there for jobs, a person will out of being desperate, accept a job where she is underpaid, where working areas are bad..etc

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of urbanization?

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Advantages disadvantages of urbanization?

Some advantages are; * homes * advances in technology * jobs * access to services Some disadvantages are; * shortage of land for building * deforestation * pollution * bad housing conditions

What part of speech is urbanization?

Urbanization is a noun.

What do you mean by urbanization explain in short?

mean of urbanization

Is it urbanization or urbanization?

It is spelled urbanization. Someone would be urbanizing, not urbanising. Thus the act of urbanizing is urbanization. I forgot to log in before posting this, so I'm "improving" it now.

What are the advantages disadvantages of urbanization in Ocho Rios?

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What causes urbanization in Mexico?

Urbanization is caused by the increase of population.

Urbanization in Canada?

immigration could also be a cause of urbanization

What is the difference between urbanization and urbanism?

urbanisation and urbanization are same

Why did urbanization occur?

Urbanization occur because it was nature to happen

When did urbanization begin?

Urbanization began as soon as it was necessary in human culture. Urbanization has been around since the beginning of time.

What is the term for people moving from the country to the cities during the industrial revolution?

Urbanization.">Urbanization.Either Urbanization or internal migration.~Mandy

What is re-urbanization?

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How has urbanization affected Europe?

Urbanization helped Europe through industrialize.

What are the effects of re-urbanization?

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How do you reduce urbanization?

you can reduce urbanization by improving the rural areas in a country

What is the connection between urbanization and immigration?

what is the connection between urbanization and immigration

Why is urbanization a problem?

Urbanization may be considered a problem due to the exploitation of natural resources. Trees are cut down and forests are flattened for urbanization.

What is urbanization pollution?

Urbanization pollution is pollution which is the result of the urbanization of an area. For example, the bigger a city gets, the more likely garbage is to be dropped.

What are the effects of urbanization in Nevada?

The effects of urbanization in Nevada have decreased the areas that were originally farmlands. Urbanization has also brought a water shortage to this area.

How did the bronze age help urbanization?

Urbanization is a modern idea and term. It will be thousands of years before there is urbanization and cars. Bronze Age had nothing to do with it.

What causes rapid urbanization?

Industrialization followed by immigration causes rapid urbanization.

Which slavic country has the slowest rate of urbanization?

Moldova has the slowest rate of urbanization.

Why is urbanization in this period called the second urbanization in India?

6th century BC.

What is a sentence with urbanization?

Urbanization has been blamed for the increase of childhood asthma issues.