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Discuss the types of disinfectants?


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Bleach 10:1 dilution bleach to water. Clean area with dilution and allow to air dry. This will kill approx. 98-99% bacteria.

Alcohol - Lysol was the innovator in this category and remains the highest selling brand on the market. UrthPRO is another alcohol based disinfectant that is a "cleaner and disinfectant" which is particularly effective in restoration and remediation of water damage and mold, and it is made from natural and readily renewable resources.

Phenol - Such as Microban are effective but dangerous chemicals. They are not environmentally responsible, and affect human health adversely. They are known carcinogens and have been cited to burn off skin!

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats) - Cheap and usually dilutable disinfectants. These are somewhat ineffective against gram-negative bacteria (like E.Coli) and are also known allergens which trigger eczema and asthma especially in children.