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Most people think guidance and counseling are interchangeable but there is a subtle difference between the two. Basically guidance has a broader scope and more comprehensive while counseling is in-depth.

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Q: Distinguish between guidance and counseling?
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What is the relationship between guidance and counseling and home?

The relationship between guidance and counseling and home is proportional. Through guidance and counseling, people are able to live peacefully and in full understanding with each other at home.

Brief history of guidance and counseling?

what is the difference between guidance and counsellig

What is the defference between guaidance and counseling?

The difference between guidance and counseling is, guidance people gives you advice and tell you to do your best. Counselors, they listen to your problems that are happening at home and school. After you tell the Counselors your problems, they will help you to solve them. That's the difference between guidance and counseling.

What are the differences between guidance and counseling?

Guidance is about being there for someone and having support. Counseling is helping someone with their problems and telling them how to cope with it.

Differences between guidance and counselling?

guidance is given to learner, where as counseling is for behavior disorders.

Can there be guidance without counseling and counseling without guidance?


What are the relationship between guidance and counseling?

They are processes and not event which happen once and for all.

What are the Effect of guidance and counseling on student?

how does guidance and counseling affect learning??

What are some examples of guidance and counseling?

What are some examples of guidance and counseling?"

What are differences between guidance and counseling?

GuidanceGuidance is pre-problem, that is there is no specific problem that is identified in an individual.CounselingCounseling is post-problem, meaning a problem has already been identified and therefore the counselor helps to address the problem but not to solve it.

What is the difference between guidiance and counseling?

There is not a much difference between guidance and counseling. Both the terms are associated with grooming the individuals for future planning. In guidance you give direct direction to the person. On the other hand, in counseling different directions are given independently.

Distinction between guidance and counseling?

Guidance is informal, usually not given by a professional. Counseling is usually formal and structured often done by professionals in the field they are giving advice about.

What is the similarities between guidance and counseling?

they both help you throuhg your problems

What is Republic act 9258 guidance and counseling?

An act professionalizing the practice of guidance and counseling

What are 10 difference between guidance and counseling?

i wouldn't say there are that many. well 1: guidance is when a person guides you through your problems and counseling is when someone helps you cope with your problems

Is there any difference between guidance and counseling?

well if your in guidance that means your being guided to something like a different path. Counseling means your bein helped from something that might have happened. that's why there's giudance counseling.

What are the major areas in guidance and counseling?

areas of guidance

What is the differerence between rehabilitation counseling and guidance counsellig?

Rehabilitation counseling focuses on helping people become employable. Guidance counseling can offer varied "counseling" services, such as a high school guidance counselor who might help one student with behavior issues, another student with family issues, and all students with academic and future plans.

What are the main difference between guidance and counseling?

Guidance... simply helping person to chose one way or solution.. counseling is changing entire perspective of person, to get a solution all by himself/herself.

When do you terminate guidance and counseling?


What is the difference between vocational guidance and career counseling?

Vocational guidance is help when you are learning a vocation or finding vocation programs. Career counseling is help whenever you are trying to figure out what career would be good for you.

What are 10 differences between guidance and counseling?

What Is The Difference Between Guidance And Counselling? Both Guidance and Counseling are process used to solve problems of life. The basic difference is in the approach. In the process of guidance, the client's problems are listened carefully and ready made solutions are provided by the expert where as in the process of counseling the client's problems are discussed and relevant information are provided in-between. In the end of the counseling process, the client himself/herself have a insight to the problem and he/she become empowered to take own decision. Since ready made solutions (taking decision for others) were provided in guidance, the client may or may not follow it but most often decision taken in the process of counseling are followed sincerely. The set of decisions comes out from guidance and counseling process may be same but in the first process the decision is taken by the guide where as the client take own his/her own decisions in the late

When did guidance counseling start in Jamaica?

the history of guidance and counselling in jamaica

What is the definition of 'guidance' and 'counseling' discus types of counseling with example?

guidance and counseling are interchangable terms, but the main difference is guidance refers to helping somebody plan or choose a path or direction, whereas counseling it giving general advice that could pertain to almost anything. An example of counseling, that may not be considered guidance might be therapy. Many therapists counsel their clients and attempt to inprove their coping skills without actually pushing them in any direction.

What are the pseudo scientific techniques of guidance a nd counseling?

Learning experience in guidance counseling as to credebility of pseudo-scientific