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Dividends paid divided by the toal number of shares outstanding.

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Q: Dividends per share is equal to dividends paid....?
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What preference share is characterised by the property that should any dividends go unpaid those dividends must be paid before any future ordinary dividends?

cumulative preference share :)

How are Dividends are paid out of profits?

Yes. companies pay out dividends to its share holders from the profit they make out of their business. The more the profit the company makes the greater would be the dividends paid out to the shareholders.

Dividends are paid from?

Dividends are paid from corporate profits.

How do public companies share their profit?

By dividends paid to the shareholders of the company.

What are dividends?

an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid

What is preference share?

Preference shares are shares whose dividends are paid out first before ordinary shares dividends. They so called (preference shares) because they have 'preference' over ordinary shares for payment of dividends.

A corporation gives out its profits as dividends paid to its?


How often are dividends paid?

Dividends are paid to shareholders by three types. They can either be paid annually, or biannually, or on quarterly basis.

When a company makes earnings or a profit and they share this profit with the stockholders it's called?

Paid dividends

Are dividends paid out of retained earnings?

Yes, the amount of x dividends paid will reduce retained earnings by x.

To whom and how are dividends usually paid?

Dividends are usually paid to the investors of a company. These are paid on an annual or, more commonly, a quarterly basis.

How can i Avoid paying taxes on fund dividends in the tax year the dividends are paid?