Do 10-year-olds still play with Barbie dolls?

yes i am 10 and i have tons of barbies
Ten year old girls do not play with barbies. I have a ten year old girl who thinks barbies are too young for her but her little sister who is six loves to play with them. Some ten year old girls may like them but it is highly uncommon.nicole: I agre i am a ten year old and i think barbies ARE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!

i disasgree with the person above me. i know a lot of people who are above 12 and still play with barbies. it also matters what you make the barbies do.

if the person above me hates them sooo much, she can pretend to make them blow up. you are never too old to play with anything, including barbies.i'm 13 and i play with them occasionaly.

so go ahead and play with anything you want to.

i hope i helped you with your question and the person's above answer