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most will not bite you but large ones will if handles. Or if you are swimming with a dangling belt on your swimsuit. I got bitten on the knee.

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Do creek eels bite?

Yes centenly all eels bite

Do eels bite humans?

Yes, eels can bite humans, f your not careful. They can bite you twice, because they have two sets of jaws.

Do eels bite?

Yes, they do.

What diseases do eels get?

Eels mainly suffer from frost bite and scurvy

Do fresh water eels bite?


What do eels use for protection?

their bite (which is very powerful )

How do electric eels behave?

bad because they bite you

Do American eels live alone or in groups?

Most American Eels live alone

How do eels protect themselves from preditors?

moray eels usually fight back and use their teeth to bite their enemies. electric eels electricute their predators and their prey.

How do eels defend themselves?

They will fight back and bite the enemies.

Can eels badly bite you?

No they can just not hard that is y sting u

Do saltwarter eels sting?

i assume "saltwarter" means saltwater. saltwater eels do not sting, they do not have anthing that can sting you. but god gave them viscious jaws, they have a very strong bite and large eels are known to have taken off divers hands. so my advice to you is not to stick your hand anywhere their jaws. which idiot wrote that? you can eat eat eels. when they're dead they don't bite.

Can moray eels kill you?

Moray eels have not been known to kill anyone. However, they do have large and powerful jaws, and they have been known to bite and snap at people.

How long are American eels?

very long

What do American eels meat?

i don't get your question

Does eel live on land?

some eels live on land and others live on water. different types of eels are american ells,m European eels e6c

Are American eels secondary or tertiary consumers?


How do moray eels defend themselves?

They will fight back and bite the enemy. They will also shock the enemy with electricity.

Do American eels navigate pirmarily by sight?

Heck yah

Can electric eels kill an alligator?

An electric eel has killed a caiman with its volts, but it also died from the caiman's bite.

How do you feed a saltwater tank with an eel will it bite you?

Get a small piece of plastic pipe and aim it towards your eels hide. Drop the food through it to the eels. They will be more alert at night which is a good time to feed them.

What is difference between an eel and a fish?

Eels are long like snakes that will sting you (electrify) fish will bite you should know what fish look like they don't have a stinger thing on the end of them eels do though

How do American eels survive in salt and fresh water?

After American eels reaches maturity in freshwater lakes and rivers, they make their way to the ocean. They swim or drift with currents until they reach the Sargasso Sea between Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Here the eels die after spawning.

What kinds of eels are there?

There are about 800 species of eels. Some common names are: freshwater eels false morays mud eels spaghetti eels moray eels thin eels worm eels congers long neck eels pike congers duckbill eels snake eels snipe eels sawtooth eels cutthroat eels

Can a baby eel hurt a human?

Some species of eels have been known to have a nasty bite, but they will usually only attack when they are feeling threatened or their home is being disturbed. They have also been know to accidentally bite the hands of divers who hand feed them. Eels do not see humans as a food source. Eels will not intentionally attack a human. Once an eel reaches the juvenile stage (elver), it would be capable of biting.

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