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Your teeth are MOVING with braces. So, they WILL hurt.

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2012-03-26 01:08:11
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Q: Do Bottom braces hurt
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Do tightenung braces hurt?

No getting braces tighten does not hurt it only is uncomfortable but after a hour with your braces they start to hurt.

Does getting bottom braces hurt?

it's going to ache some; as they say, no pain, no gain :)

Does it hurt to get braces on your teeth taken off?

When I got my braces taken off, it wasn't very painful. There was some slight pain, but nothing serious. I personally didn't think that it hurt too bad. I only had braces on my top teeth, so I don't know about bottom braces.

Why do braces hurt when you stick your bottom jaw out?

if they are attached to your bottom jaw, then its because they are moving your whole jaw back so it cant go as far as it could before, or because the back of the braces is anchored to your teeth.

Does it hurt when you get invisible braces?

i don't think getting invisible braces are different from getting normal braces and braces does not hurt when you are getting them but when you got them on for a few hours or so it will kinda hurt

If you are 11 years of age will braces hurt?

does getting braces hurt?, cuz i will get braces i dont know when i want one but i dont know will it hurt or not

Do bottom braces hurt worst then top braces?

today i had my bottom brace fitted and ill soon ill have my top one, anyway ive had 4x paracetamol and its killing me!! my bottom teeth arent that crooked tbh but the pains unbearable...for me anyway :(

Does braces hurt getting them on?

No, it does not hurt while getting braces on but it is uncomfortable, and afterwards it hurts

Does it hurt to get braces?

Getting braces will hurt for some people but not all. Everyone is different.

Do braces hurt or do braces hurt?

Your braces WILL hurt. You can try taking some pain relief and chew sugar free chewing gum. For more queries, contact

Does it hurt when yougr braces get fixed?

yes it does hurt when you get your braces fixed. Its just like getting your braces put on again for the first time.

Do braces hurt when they are being placed on your teeth?

Having braces placed on your teeth does not hurt. As they braces are adjusted periodically, your mouth can be uncomfortable, but tolerable.

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