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My girlfriend is 75% Cherokee and she has very little pubic hair. She has stated that she does not shave or trim it. It is natural as it is.

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Q: Do Cherokee women have pubic hair?
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Womens pubic hair?

pupose of women pubic hair

Where is pubic hair hair located?

Pubic hair is located in the pubic region. This region surrounds the genitals in both men and women.

Do women like shaved pubic hair?

do women like shaved pubic hair? No they are more interested in the area that was shaved.

What causes some women to have sparse pubic hair?

Some women have sparse pubic hair cause it is based on their genetics.

What age do women start to lose pubic hair?

The loss of pubic hair is not a natural occurrence. women shave themselves to appear younger.

Do most women have pubic hair?

Yes, most adults have pubic hair and this includes women.There will be women who chose to remove their pubic hair such as via shaving, waxing, epilation, or laser hair removal, however these women are in the minority overall. Pubic hair starts to grow around puberty as it helps to protect the health of the genitals, thus is a sign of sexual maturity.

Do all women have curly pubic hair?

Asians tend to have straight pubic hair.

Can girls cut pubic hair?

Yes, anyone can cut their pubic hair if they want to. Many women will trim their pubic hair to keep it neat.

Do Mexican women shave their pubic hair?

No, they have lice on pubic hair. Don't go near dirty Mexican women. And they call you a puta sometimes.

Do black women get pubic hair?

All men and women have public hair as they mature into adults. Some have curly hair and some have straight hair just as on their head. Color is like this also. Some people with black hair can have dark hair in the pubic region or the opposite can be true.

Do Muslim women must remove all pubic hair?

It is recommended per religion for Muslim men and women to remove Pubic hair and hair under arms.

Do females have pubic hair?

Women, like men, have pubic hair. Many women, however, choose to shave it off to please their partners.

What percent of single women shave their pubic hair?

80% of western women shave their pubic hair but only 20% of Asian shave. Hope this answer your question.

Do Philippine women have pubic hair?


Pubic hair or non on a woman?

yes women have pubic and even if ur blonde all pubic hair is black

Can guys get women's discharge on their pubic hair?

Yes, anything can be get on pubic hair just like anything will stick to head hair.

Do women shave their public hair?

Some women do shave their pubic (not public) hair.

Do Asian women have straight pubic hair?

Yes, they do

Do Thai Women have very little Pubic Hair?

Yes. Thai Women have less Public Hair. I watched some Thai porn movies and even they don't have any pubic hair.

Are Girls born with Pubic hair or does it come out when they hit adolescence?

Women develop pubic hair when they go through puberty.

What percentage of women shave all there pubic hair off?

From some studies, 80% of western women shave or wax their pubic hair, but only 20% of eastern women do that. Not buying those numbers of shaving or waxing ALL the hair off though. Most women trim it.

Why do women of different races have different colored pubic hair?

They don't. I'm not sure who told you that nonsense. ALL women have the exact same color pubic hair, purple.

Percent of women who do not have pubic hair?

According to a 2007 poll, 14 percent of American women between the ages of 18-39 shave their pubic hair completely bare.

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