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Yes they do! They wear traditional clothes!

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new and nice dress

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they wear traditional clothes

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Q: Do Filipino's wear special clothes for Christmas?
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Do Frances people wear anything special on Christmas?


What do America people wear for Christmas?

People in the United States do not wear special clothes for Christmas. Some might dress up a bit, but most wear clothes they would wear any other day.

What are the special clothes to wear on Christmas?

Christmas isn't a time for people to dress up. But, some kids wear santa hats, elf hats, reindeer antlers. And, some take it to the extreme by dressing up as a full santa.

What Filipinos wear during the world war 2?


Do you wear special clothes when you go on a pilgrimage?

No you don't have to wear special clothes on a pilgrimage

Are special clothes worn for Christmas?

In the United States, no special clothes are worn on Christmas, though some may wear a special outfit or a Santa hat as a personal choice.

Do people in Italy wear special clothes to celebrate Christmas?

this is not an answer but i am the one asking the question

Are there any special clothes worn on Christmas?

In the United States, there are no special clothes that are expected to be worn. Some people might wear special outfits or red Santa hats, but it is entirely up to each individual.

What to wear in Italy for Christmas?


What do Iraqi's wear during their Christmas celebration?

They dont celebrate most likey they dont wear any kind of special clothes for any other religion festival apart from theirs!!!

When do Norwegians wear special clothing?

We wear special clothes at special occasions like birthdays, our national day ( called 17. mai (17. may)), christmas, new year... The natoinal costume is called Bunad.

Why don't Jews wear special clothes?

For the same reason that Canadians don't wear special clothes. Why should they?