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Yes they do have freedom of speech.

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Q: Do Germans have freedom of speech?
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Do Germans have the right to freedom of speech?

Germans have a right to freedom of speech. Their restrictions on freedom of speech are similar to those in America. One restriction in Germany that is notable is that efforts advocating removal of democracy are not covered as free speech. Another restriction is that Germans are not permitted to deny Nazi atrocities. Hate speech and incitement to riot are banned.

Is virtual freedom of speech the same as freedom of speech in other media outlets?

Is virtual freedom of speech the same of freedom of speech in other media outlets

Five freedoms in the first amendment?

the 5 freedoms are freedom of press. freedom of speech. freedom of religion. freedom of Assembly and freedom of petition

What is an example of individual right?

freedom of speech

How was William Penn's relationship and Germans like?

the Germans like him because he gave them freedom and freedom is what they needed.

What states have no freedom of speech?

What state don't have freedom of speech

Is there a difference between the freedom of speech and freedom of speech?

no its the same.

What does The first amendment affirms the freedom of?

freedom of speech

The supreme court decision in shenck v the united states most affected?

freedom of speech

What amendment has to do with freedom of speech?

The 1st Amendment deals with the freedom of speech.

Do teens have freedom of speech?

Yes if they are a U.S. citizen they have freedom of speech

If an individual writes a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine he or she i exercising which freedom?

Freedom of speech. The first amendment guarantees that written material is freedom of speech.