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No, but Neji does have a crush on her.

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Q: Do Hinata and Neji get together?
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Who is stronger Hinata or Neji?

Neji is stronger.

Why do people pair Neji with Hinata if they're COUSINS?

Because Neji actually had romantic feelings for Hinata.

Where is Hinata?

Hinata lives in the Huyuaga family, with her cousin Neji.

Is Neji in Naruto Shippuden?

well neji could be considered her brother kind of. Neji IS Hinata's half brother due to both of there Fathers are IDENTICAl twins.For proof search Neji's History on Wikipedia. But technically he is considered hinata's cousin.

What Shippuden episode does Neji and Hinata fight?

Neji and Hinata do not fight in Shippuden. Shippuden is the second part of Naruto after a 3 year time jump. I think it's episode 46-47 of Naruto (without the Shippuden). Since the time jump they have been getting along a lot better and it's been revealed that they fight together now as "comrades" according to Hinata's father, Hiashi. Also, there are hints of an unrequited affection from Neji towards Hinata. Hinata, of course, still love Naruto. However, it's clear to see that Neji is no longer harboring hatred for Hinata. Therefore, NO MORE FIGHTS! They do train together though.

Did Neji runs into Hinata?


Who will be neji's wife?

i think Hinata

Is Hinata and Neji hyuga siblings?

No they are just cousins. Hinata and Neji's fathers were twin brothers, therefore making Hinata's father Neji's uncle and Neji's father Hinata's uncle. Making them cousins. Correction Neji and Hinata's fathers are identical twin brothers meaning Hinata and neji are socially cousins but biologically half siblings

Does Neji and Hinata have a mother?

Hinata does have a mother but i cant remember her name Neji's is a anbu or died at childbirth because of labor problems

Does Hinata marry Neji?

Neji doesn't have to marry Hinata. Where did you hear they were going to get married at? They're cousins so no.

Does Hinata and Neji die in Shippuden?


Do Neji and Hinata have different eye colors?