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Yes, though the state provides an exemption if you only have a couple of employees you should carry it because you remain liable and would have to pay out of pocket if there's a claim - and by having Workers' Compensation coverage you prevent your workers from suing you in most cases. Exercise the exemption if you choose to take it according to the law - contact your state for instructions, don't just fail to carry coverage.

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Q: Do I need Workman's Insurance if I am Incorporated in Georgia?
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Workers compensation insurance is nothing more than "workers compensation insurance". Your question is similar to asking what type of auto liability insurance does a person who drives a car need. There is not "type of workmans com" insurance. Just ask your local insurance agent to help you obtain workers compensation insurance and he will give you a quote.

Do you need workmans comp as sole proprietor in ma?

By law, it's optional for sole proprietors. Reality can be different though. In the construction trades most general contractors will require any subs who are sole proprietors to have workmans comp. This is what their insurance companies require. If a sub doesn't have workmans comp the insurance company adds their wages to the gc's bill.

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It depends on the state that you are in, in California, if you are the owner and have no employees, you do not need workers compensation insurance. The easiest way to find out would be to call your local employment development department - if you are not in CA - if you are, I just answered your question!

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