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Yes, Marsupials have fur.

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Q: Do Marsupials have fur
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Do marsupials have hair?

Marsupials have fur.

Are marsupials hairy?

All marsupials have fur or hair.

Are all marsupials furry?

Yes. All marsupials have fur.

Does a wallaby have feathers fur or fins?

Wallabies are marsupials, so they have fur.

Do marsupials have feathers?

No. Marsupials are mammals, so they have fur or hair. Only birds have feathers.

What kind of body covering does a marsupial have?

Marsupials have a body covering of fur.

What is the body covering of marsupial mammals?

All marsupials have a covering of skin and fur.

How are marsupials and monotremes similar?

monotremes and marspials are both endotherms, vertebrates, and have fur or hair

Why are koalas born without fur or hair?

This is a feature of all marsupials. Koalas, like all marsupials, are born very undeveloped - without fur or hair, and completely blind and helpless - and must continue their development in the mother's pouch.

How are marsupials similar to Mammals?

All marsupials are mammals, I'm pretty sure. They carry their young in pouches, and feed them milk from inside the pouches, but they are born live, and have fur.

How are monotremes and marsupials similar?

Monotremes and marsupials are both orders within the classification of marsupials.Because monotremes and marsupials are mammals, they are warm-blooded vertebrates with skin, fur or hair, and breathe using lungs.Monotremes and marsupials, along with placental mammals, feed their young on mothers' milk.Monotremes and marsupials are both found primarily (but not exclusively) on the Australian continent.

What group of animals is warmblooded and has fur or hair?

All mammals including the sub groups marsupials and monotremes.

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