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They face toward Mecca when they pray; they do not offer prayer to Mecca. Mecca is a town, not a person or god.

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Q: Do Muslims pray to Mecca?
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Muslims pray towards the city of Mecca. Specifically towards the Kaaba. Mecca

Toward what city do Muslims pray?

Muslims pray towards the city of Mecca. Specifically towards the Kaaba. Mecca

What direction do Muslims face to pray in Mecca?

When all Muslims pray in the direction facing Mecca, they are specifically praying towards the Kaaba in Mecca, Islam's holiest place. So Muslims in Mecca pray in the direction facing the Kaaba, and pray around it in concentric circles.

What is the name of the direction Muslims face when they pray at Mecca?

The name of the direction Muslims face when they pray at Mecca is called the "Qibla".

Where do muslims face when they pray?


Where do Muslims pray towards?


What is the Muslims capital city?

Muslims pray towards Mecca.

Where do Muslims direct their prayers?

Muslims pray towards Mecca.

Muslims pray towards what city?


What building do Muslims pray to mecca in?

The Kabba

Do Muslims pray facing to mecca?


Muslims must face to pray.?


Muslims must face to pray?


Where do muslims point to when they pray?

Most Muslims point to wherever mecca is when they pray so it depends on where in the world you are asking this question. Mecca is located in the mideast.

Why do Muslims have to face a direction and pray?

They face to Mecca to pray because it is the holiest site on earth for muslims.

Do Muslims pray facing the sun?

No.Muslims pray facing the Kaaba, which is in Mecca, Saudi Arabia☺

What can you do in mecca?

pray i think. ->At the early age, people traded things. Now, the Muslims pray in the direction where Mecca is.

Why do Muslims consider mecca sacred?

Mecca is where the kabah is. The kabah is where Muslims from all around the world come to pray.

What does the people face when they pray in a chapel?

Muslims are not allowed to pray in whether it is a chapel or church. Muslims pray facing Qibla which is in Mecca.

Why do Muslims pray towards Mecca?

Muslims pray towards Mecca because Mecca is the location of the Ka'aba. Muhammad determed the Ka'aba would be the qibla (direction of prayer) upon Divine revelations in the Qur'an.

Do Muslims face Medina when they pray?

No. They face Mecca.

What direction does Muslims face when they pray?

They face mecca

What rituals do the Muslims follow in mecca?

They walk and pray. They walk around a big rock and around Mecca. They also pray alot.

What way must Muslims face when they pray?

Towards Mecca.

When Muslims pray each day to which city do they face?