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Q: Do Nintendo ds lite games work well on the Nintendo 3ds system?
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Which is a better buy a Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DSi?

the Nintendo ds lite can play GBA games as well...but a DSI cant..well i would say dsi is better(browsing , drawing flipnote , dsi shop...)

What is the difference between the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite?

well, the Nintendo ds stylus is in the back of the system, while the ds lite is on side and is easier to acess! The ds is bigger and heavier, while the ds lite is lighter. Also the ds has a darker screen,while the ds lite has a lighter screen. As far as games they're both the same

Does the 3ds take different games then the ds?

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS (as well as the 3DS XL and 2dS) has its own 3DS games that will not work for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL.

How large are the Nintendo 3DS's screens?

Well if you have seen how big the nintendo ds lite is that is how big it is. :-)

Nintendo DS lite is so good why?

well mainly because it is a touch and also because there is lots of Mario games and all Mario games is Popular

Can you get 89.99 for your Nintendo DS lite at game stop including the box charger an manuals in great condition as well as the system?

Can I get my Nintendo DS lite at game stop including the box the charger an the manuals that are all in great condition for $89.99

Can Nintendo DSi games work on the Nintendo DS?

Well , I have a DSi, and there are not any games out for the DSi yet. There are only plain, 'ol DS games out right now. But, if they ever do come out with DSi-specific games, I'm guessing that they won't work a plain DS or DS Lite

How big is a Nintendo DS lite?

Well not that big and not as big as a regular ds but a decent size.When closed, the DS lite measures 13x7x2cm.

Nintendo DS lite?

The Nintendo DS Lite is almost the same as the Nintendo DS which came out a few years earlier. There are some minor differences, however. The DS Lite is well, light. It doesn't weigh much and its screens are brighter. It is thinner than the thick Nintendo DS version. The buttons on the Nintendo DS Lite have been moved to fit more comfortably in the user's hands and the noise levels have been increased with a larger range of volumes. However, you cannot use Game Boy Color games in the Game Boy Advanced slot anymore. If you try to make it fit you will break your DS Lite. Overall the better version is the updated Nintendo DS Lite, even with all its ups and downs. The starting price for one of these game consoles is $100 [not including any games.]

Can you play ds lite games on a dsi?

Yes, you can play DS lite games on the DSi as well as the DSi XL

Can you buy the memory pak for the Nintendo ds lite browser separately?

Yes. You can look on eBay or in second hand games stores. Maybe sells them as well.

Is the Nintendo DS Lite or the Sony PSP a better handheld video game system?

Both of them are great handheld game systems. However, the Sony PSP not only allows you to play games but you can watch movies and access the internet on it as well.

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