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When Odysseus comes home to Ithaca, Penelope has set up a challenge for the suitors to win her hand. Whoever is able to string Odysseus' bow and shoot an arrow cleanly through the ax heads, they will win Penelope. (Penelope, however, has a pretty good idea that no one else will be able to string Odysseus' bow except for him, so while the contest appears fair to the suitors, in reality Penelope has developed a clever plan as to avoid marrying any of them.) None of the suitors are able to string the bow. Then Odysseus comes in. (Remember, he has been disguised by Athena as an old beggar, so no one recognizes him.) To make a long story short, Odysseus is able to successfully complete the contest. Also, it is important to know that Penelope and all of the women have been sent to a room and locked in because Odysseus plans on killing all of the suitors for their crime of attempting to marry Penelope (his wife) while he was still alive. So, Penelope is not aware that someone has won the contest, the someone being Odysseus (in disguise). At the point that Odysseus wins the contest, he becomes Odysseus again, or, rather, back to his recognizable form. The suitors recognize him. Odysseus tells them he's going to kill them and what their crimes were. So, Odysseus shoots, with his bow and arrows, Antinous, the ringleader of the suitors. However, before Odysseus can kill the rest of the suitors, Eurymachus, also a sort of ringleader, steps up to ask mercy of Odysseus. He promises payments back for all the food, etc. the suitors have used up. Odysseus doesn't accept his apology, and kills all the suitors anyhow.

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Q: Do Odysseus challenge Eurymachus to a work contest?
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