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Do Percocets test the same as heroine?

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If you are referring to drug testing, no. Percocet is oxycodone, while heroin is derived from morphine, and turns into morphine when metabolized in the liver. These drigs are derived from different opium alkaloids and will not report as the same thing. However, if the drug test is for the broader opioid/narcotic category, then they will both show up.

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Will oxycodone and morphine show up the same in a urine test?

Yes i had a drug test for work and they said i had morphine in my system so i sent then a copy of my script for percocets and they said i was good! hydrocondone shows up as a different opiate ns cotin ( morphine ) or oxycodone ( percocets) show up the same on a drug screen i hope this helps

Do herion and percocets show up the same in a urine test?

Um, Yeah defiantly do ... not ask long as most other drugs but yes..

Will heroine and endocet both come up as the same thing on a drug test?

On a dip-stick test they will. GC/MS can tell the difference, though.

What will cause a false positive for oxy?

If you mean Oycontin then the answer is Percocets and Oxycontin. Other things like Vicoden , Codeine, morphine etc will NOT show Positive for Oxycontin. EVEN the Cheap Drug test Kits will not do so. Codeine , Heroin , Morphine will show up on same marker. Percocets , Oxycontin, Same Marker. I hope i gave you a better understanding.

What does heroine show up as in urine test?


Do all opiates show up the same on a urine test?

no they do not they can tell if ur taking vicodin to heroine trust me been there done that

Is heroine an adjective?

No. Heroine is a noun, a person (the female gender of hero). The same word, heroic, is used as an adjective for heroine or hero.

Is heroine and morphine the same drug?


Does methadone block Percocets?

Yes, Methadone will block percocets and other opiates.

What does herion show up as in a probabtion officers drug test?

as heroine

How do you pass a drug test for herion?

It's simple. All you have to do is not do heroine.

You have to take a drug test tomorrow you need hydrocodone out of your system today so you can take your percocets and Valium for your test what do you do?

the hydrocodone and percocet will show up in the drug screen as the same thing so if you have prescribed percocet and valiums than dont worry about the lortab.....

How long does percocet show on hair test?

hair test for percocets take 90 days, it will even show level of usage such as; light moderate or habitual everyday

What does a 5 panel drug test look for?

meth, pcp, thc, cocaine, heroine

Can cocaine be detected in a routine blood or urine test?

Easily. Yeah It can but heroine can't.

Does Klonopin look like heroin in a urine test?

yes, because it is heroine based

What are the release dates for Heroine Legends Agent Files - 2012 Passing the Test 1-4?

Heroine Legends Agent Files - 2012 Passing the Test 1-4 was released on: USA: 1 December 2012

How do you say heroine in french?

It's the same word : héroïne

Are Percocets addictive?


Are Percocets an opioid?


How long will urine test positive for heroine?

30 days, drink plenty of water and oj

Do 7.5 lortabs and 10 percocets show up the same on urine tests?

NO they do not! I can't believe someone said that! Lortabs are hydrocodone and Percocets are oxycodone! yes, they are both opiates and they are of similar strength...although the oxy is much stronger on a smaller scale

Is it safe to take Verapamil and Lisinopril and Niacin and hydrochlorothiazide all at once?

Is it safe to take Verapamil and Percocets in the same day?

Will morphine test positive for herion?

it will test positive for 'opiates', so either way, you're screwed. Heroine is diacetyl-morphine, pretty much the same thing thus, except that it is absorbed by the body much faster than regular morphine.

Where can you buy percocets?

by prescription only

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