Do Purple and yellow make red?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Red is a primary color. Mixing other colors will not make red.

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Q: Do Purple and yellow make red?
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What color and yellow make purple?

Yellow doesn't make purple, red and blue do.

What colors make the color purple -?

Red and Blue make the color purple.

What color do you get when you mix red and blue?

Purple.Purple or Violet.Purplepretty colors. aka purple

What colors make purple?

The colours: Blue and Red mixed together make purple.

What other colors can you make with green blue yellow brown and red?

Orange, and Purple as well as the tertiary colours yellow-orange, red- orange, red-purple, blue-purple, yellow-green, and blue-green.

What colors do brown make?

red + blue = purple blue + yellow = green red +yellow = orange orange +blue = brown yellow + purple = brown red + green = brown

What colors are mixed to make new colors?

It depends on the color you want to make...For example, red + blue = purple yellow + red = orange red + white = pink green + yellow = blue yellow + blue = green

What are the complementary colors of each primary color?

Red Blue and yellow are the primary colours. Red and blue make purple. Red and Yellow make orange. Blue and yellow make green. So the complementry colours are Purple Green and Yellow Hope it helped :)

What do you mix with blue to get purple?

Blue is a primary color, red and blue mixed make the secondary color purple.

How can you make the color purple?

Mixing red and blue. If you wanted to make other colors here is the mixing thing: Red+Blue=Purple Blue+Yellow=Green Red+Yellow=Orange

How do you make purple cheese?

you dye the cheese purple

What color do you add to yellow to make purple?

I'm afraid you can't. Blue and red make purple.