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I'm not completely up to date on Shippuden but in reality I think Sasuke still thinks of Naruto as a friend. Sasuke isn't cruel enough to completely sever that bond.

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Q: Do Sasuke Naruto become friends again?
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Does sasuke ever be friends with naruto again?

As of now, no. But, the series is ongiong.

Why does naruto follow Sasuke?

Because he wants him to become good one again and naruto loves sasuke like a brother. -jason Sosa

Will Sasuke ever become friends with naruto again?

If you want my opinion I think they do... Other people may say "no" but I think they do. naruto commits suicide in the last episode of the book..

Does Sasuke and Naruto become friends again?

There is still a bond between them. Sasuke doesn't show it, but he still cares for Naruto, although he almost risked his life for Naruto in Shippuden movies 2 bonds they work together and fight the zero tailed leech.

Who won the battle in Naruto vs Sasuke shippunden?

they both became friends again

How does toby die?

No. Toby maguire is not dead.

Will naruto sakura and sasuke be a team again?


When do Sasuke and sakura meet again?

in naruto shippuden

Does naruto ever get jealous?

Yes, because Naruto was able to have a 'family' with his friends and previous sensei before Kakashi, while Sasuke's family was murdered by Itachi. diffrent person sasuke's jelous because naruto is becoming very strong and almost surpassing him and he has to become strong because he wants to kill itachi itachi is a good guy after all he wanted to protect sasuke and he killed the uchiha clan because it was his mission that the elders gave episodes 107-108

When Naruto meets Sasuke again who will win?

Naruto and Sasuke's battle is no longer about prowess, because they both have equally formidable jutsus. Sasuke might have an opportunity to fight naruto once again, but if Sasuke remains 'evil', he will lose. If he is hesitant and straddling between good and evil, then neither will win, but madara will become the ultimate target. Sasuke might not be who Naruto battle's if Madara decides to fuse with him in order to create the ultimate power, but it will be Madara. And it may very well be Sasuke battling Madara psychologically if he tries to fuse with his body and control him. there is no clear cut answer.

Is naruto and sasuke going to fight again on shippuden?

Yes madara said so himself on manga 463 page 10

Will sasuke and naruto ever be friends again?

yes because he only said he needs to be more powerful so he doesnt have to kill naruto to get the best sharingan to defeat his brother that's why naruto hates itachi.