Do Senators and Congressmen have to live in their districts?

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Not according to the Constitution...

Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution includes the requirements of holding office as a U.S. Representative, part of which states:

No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

Therefore, by the Constitution, while there is a requirement to be a citizen of the state the district is in, there is no requirement specifically stating that one must be a resident of the district itself.
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In which senate district is South Evanston located?

Answer . Hello,\nI need more information. May you be talking about Evanston, IL(USA)? If so then you would have two senators - because each state has two. Below is a link to's website for Illinois.\n. \n\n. \ ( Full Answer )

Where does a Senator live?

Answer . In his home state and he/she also maintains a home in the DC area.

What is the difference between a districts representative and a senator?

The difference between a district representative and a senator isthe pay scale. A senator would get paid more. There is also adifference in the number of constituents for each. A senatorrepresents an entire state, and a district representative onlyrepresents a part of the state.

Who are the district 47 senators for Alabama?

The US Senators for Alabama are Jeff Sessions, and Richard C. Shelby.. The US Representatives are Jo Bonner, Mike Rogers, Robert Cramer, Artur Davis, Terry Everett, Robert B. Aderholt, and Spencer Bachus.. There is no district 47 for state senators as ther are only 35 districts.. The Representati ( Full Answer )

What was the annual salary of senators and congressmen in 1872?

In 1865, United States Senators made an annual salary of $5000, which was increased to $7500 a year in 1871. Currently, it is $165,000. The $7500 probably bought more, but adjusting for inflation from 1872 is difficult because inflation statistics were only tracked from 1913.

Does District of Columbia have senators?

No, DC does not have senators, nor a congressperson. We have one "shadow senator," Michael Brown, who could become a real senator if Congress ever ends this taxation without representation.

What do congressmen do?

The members of Congress make laws. A law starts out as a bill andgoes through the legislative process of becoming a law.

What address do you use to write to us senators and congressmen?

The correct address to be used for correspondence with UnitedStates senators and congressmen is found on various governmentwebsites associated with the politicians in question. Note thatthese politicians may have in-state addresses at which they willreceive correspondence in addition to addresses in ( Full Answer )

What sets the term lengths of US Senators and Congressmen?

The US Constitution, Article I, Sections 2 and 3, sets the term lengths and qualifications for US Senators and Congressmen. Article I sets the term of office for members of the US House of Representatives at two years (Section 2), and for US Senators at six years (Section 3).

Are senators congressmen?

No. Although US Senators serve in one of the two "houses" of the bicameral US Congress, only Members of the US House of Representatives are referred to as "Congressman" or "Congresswoman".

What district do you live in and who is your district leader?

I live in district Rawalpindi. It is the twin city of the capital city of Islamabad. It is an ancient city and has a long history.The literacy and education rates are highest in Rawalpindi. It is a leading district. Most of the army officers, junior commissioned officers and the soldiers belong to t ( Full Answer )

How many US senators and congressmen are convicted felons?

DOES YOUR CONGRESSPERSON HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD? Below are a list of your elected representatives (mostly federal, but I don't mind including state politicians either when they interact with the feds) who have or had criminal records on their Congressional rap sheet. Note the specific langua ( Full Answer )

Do US senators and congressmen need to pass a drug test to serve?

NO! In May of 1998, U.S. Representatives Joe Barton (R-Texas) and Gerald Solomon (R-NY) cosponsored a resolution (H.Res. 456), which called for mandatory drug testing of all members of the U.S. House of Representatives and their staff (Francesca Contiguglia, "Gingrich Plans to Drug Test His Own S ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Missouri's 9 Congressmen and what Congressional District do they each represent?

District 1: William Lacy Clay Jr. (D) - St. Louis District 2: Todd Akin (R) - St. Louis Suburbs District 3: Russ Carnahan (D) - St. Louis Suburbs District 4: Ike Skelton (D) - West Central Missouri District 5: Emanuel Cleaver (D) - Greater Kansas City District 6: Sam Graves (R) - North Wes ( Full Answer )

How many Senators and congressmen didn't pay income taxes?

While @50% of the population that files taxes doesn't pay tax because their income isn't high enough or they have deductions to cover's reasonable to say all emembers of Congress have salaries and withholding high enough to warrent they end up paying taxes with their filing.

What senate district is Santa Rosa CA?

California Senate District 2 includes Santa Rosa, CA. It covers amajor part of the north coast of California from Santa Rosa toEureka.

How many total districts of the Senate are in the US?

Well, none, specifically. Two Senators are drawn from each STATE in the union. Therefore, notwithstanding vacancies such as the recent one in Massachusetts, there are 100 US Senators.

Does Puerto Rico have US Senators or Congressmen?

No, Puerto Rico does not have representation in the US Congress equal to that of a US State. What they have is a single nonvoting Member of Congress called a Resident Commissioner. This Position is filled by election of the voters of Puerto Rico for a term of four years. The current Resident Commiss ( Full Answer )

How can you get term limits on US Senators and Congressmen?

Voters can set practical term limits on a US Senator or Congressman by voting him or her out of office in the general election. There is no way to pass a law or state constitutional amendment that imposes legal limits on their terms, however, because the US Supreme Court found that unconstitutional ( Full Answer )

Do US senators have districts?

United States Senators represent an entire state. There are two Senators for each state (a junior and a senior).

Can senate districts be redrawn?

yes No, they can't. each state has two senators, regardless of population, and each of them represents the whole state. Therefore, their districts overlap completely.

Are there term limits on how long Congressmen or senators can serve?

First, Congress, or the Legislature, is the House and the Senate combined. To answer your question, at the federal level, there are no limits. As long as the Member keeps getting elected and aren't removed due to ethics, they can remain in Congress. Each House Member is up for election every 2 year ( Full Answer )

Do senators and congressmen pay into Medicare?

\n \n\n \n\n \nNo they are exempted for paying into as the the members of clergy and defense personal. \n. \n. \n. This is not the correct answer. Senators and Congressmen pay into Social Security and Medicare, as do defense personnel. The Federal Employees pay and benefits are exactly the sam ( Full Answer )

How many new congressmen and senators elected this year?

12 new Senators were elected in 2012: AZ - Jeff Flake (R) - replacing Jon Kyl (R) CT - Chris Murphy (D) - replacing Joe Lieberman (I) HI - Mazie Hirono (D) - replacing Daniel Akaka (D) IN - Joe Donnelly (D) - replacing Richard Lugar (R) ME - Angus King (I) - replacing Olympia Snowe (R) ( Full Answer )

What Senate District is Ocotillo California?

Ocotillo, California is in the 40th Senate District. You can learn more about this at the Wikipedia. Once on the website, type "Ocotillo, California" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

Who are the us senators and congressmen from Georgia?

Georgia Senators . John Hardy Isakson. Saxby Chambliss. Georgia US State. Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies. Wikipedia. Representatives : John Lewis, Jack Kingston, Paul Broun, Hank Johnson, ( Full Answer )