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Q: Do Sparta's government emphasized participation in government and personal freedom?
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How was spartas government struchtured?

the spartan government was structured based on the strength of their military

What was the name of Spartas government?

Sparta's government was an oligarchy. An oligarchy is where a few citizens have a say in the government.

What were spartas achievents?

What were spartas achievements

When was Ruben Spartas Mukasa born?

Ruben Spartas Mukasa was born in 1899.

What kind of goventment did the ancient spartas have?

The ancient Spartans had the government of oligarchy where 2 kings headed a council of elders.

When was Spartas social system created?

spartas social system was created in 783 b.c.

What were the Spartas weapons?


Who was spartas chief god?


How was spartas society?

Sparta's society was orginized by people defending themselves and them having an election of five supervisors who ran the government and voted on suggested laws which were good.

Who do the spartas fight in 300?

they fight the Persians...

What is Spartas new name?


Where is the Spartas located?

They are located at the Pelopnnesus. They are located at the Pelopnnesus.