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Yes they do it is 6.5.5 (six on five and a half)

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Q: Do Toyota 4runners and Chevy tahoes have the same bolt pattern?
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Where are Chevy Tahoes made?

they are made in mexico

Does Chevy and Toyota have the same bolt pattern?


What year transmissions will work in 95 Chevy tahoes?

Any 4L60E transmission. 1993 and up.

Where are hybrid cars made?

Mostly Japan. Like for instance Toyota Prius, or the new Honda Hybrid. But, American car companies are hybridizing their auto line as well, with GM's Chevy Volt, and Hybrid Tahoes, and Yukons.

How many seats do Chevy tahoes have?

The Chevy Tahoe has 1 drivers seat and 7 passenger seats. The Tahoe is a very expensive car.

Does a 96 Toyota 4Runner and a 2006 Chevy trailblazer have the same bolt pattern?


What cars have 6x139.7 bolt pattern?

Chevy 6 lug, Toyota 6 lug

What is the most popular tow vehicle?

Mostly the chevy tahoes and suburbans they towe really well and they are rated to run 300000

Can Toyota 6 lug wheels be used on Chevy 6 lug?

yes the have the same bolt pattern

Is 2001 Chevy Tahoe equipped with LATCH system for car seats?

No the 2001 Chevy Tahoe is not equipped with the LATCH system for car seats. The LATCH system did not become standard in Chevy Tahoes until the 2002 models.

Will Toyota wheels fit a Chevy?

yes, most Toyota wheels fit on Chevy 1/2 ton, but they don't have the same seating on the center hole the Toyota is bigger so you have to rotate tires more often. so they don't cup.

Would a corolla engine fit in a Chevy prism?

No... A corolla engine is made by Toyota for a Toyota Corolla vehicle... The Chevy Prism is made by Chevy... Chevy and Toyota are different companies...