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No, Zebra Sharks do not give live birth. Instead, they lay eggs.

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About 60% of sharks give live birth. Some species that do are Bull sharks and great white sharks.

Bull sharks do give live birth and can have as many as 13 baby bulls.

because some sharks are different. most sharks give live birth and only about 40% of sharks lay eggs and there is 400 species of sharks.

It gives birth to live baby sharks.

sharks do not lay eggsShark species all lay eggs but some species retain their eggs inside them and give birth to live young when these eggs could be either. some sharks give birth and some lay eggs. it depends on what shark it is.Sharks give birth to live birthshark give birth to babiesthey give live birth unlike other cartiligious fishThey give birth live, by keeping their eggs in their bodies.

They are ovoviviparous; they give birth to live young.Great White Sharks have live birth, even though they are fish. They give birth to 1 to 3 live young but the mother does not care for them.

Yes. Some lay eggs like the zebra shark while others give birth to live young like the whale shark.

Guppies, mollies, platyfish, and swordtails are aquarium fish that give birth to live young. Sharks also give live birth.

They help it reproduce get it. Some sharks give live birth.

No. Sharks and rays give birth to live young too.

They give live birth, or viviparous

Sharks do not lay eggs, they give birth to live offspring called 'pups'.

yes there is only one shark that gives birth a lemon shark but some times a great white can give live birth

They give live birth as do Bull Sharks, which is a similar looking species.

Zebras give live birth.Zebra foals are born alive. Zebras are not reptilian, amphibian, avian nor a monotreme (mammal marsupial that lays eggs and gives milk). They are one of the large group of mammals that give birth to live young.The Zebra is a mammal, and all mammals, with some exceptions, have live births.they give birth

well, usually, they give birth and leave the kids.

no the give birth to live young

Some sharks give live birth.

it depends on the type of shark some sharks lay eggs which r known as mermaids purses and other sharks will give birth to live young

Some sharks lay eggs on the bottom of the ocean, called devil's wheelbarrows or mermaid's purses. Most sharks give birth to live young.

Most sharks give birth to live young, with the exception of Hammerhead Sharks who do lay eggs.

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