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not always. Depends where you go. I know personally that a few of mine over the past few years did not have their own.

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Q: Do a college professor always have his or her own office?
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What is a doctor professor?

A doctor professor is a college level teacher who has earned a doctorate in their subject and has been promoted by the college to the position of professor. Depending on the person's own preference, you call them Professor or Doctor.

How music does a college professor for music make?

It varies from professor to professor. A talented composition professor may make music for a living and supervise several students in their own compositions whereas a professor of music appreciation may have never written his own piece.

What can you do about your parents taking your financial aid money?

If they took it to pay for your college courses, that is acceptable use. But if they took the money for their own use, you can report it to the college financial aid office, to the police, and to the financial aid government office.

If you have your own beauty shop can you train a person in your Beauty shop to become a cosmetolgy?

No I believe you have to go to college to become a professor in Cosmetology then you can train another in school.

Can a felon be a college professor?

It is possible for a felon to become a college professor, as there is no blanket prohibition against hiring individuals with a criminal record in academia. However, each university or college will have its own hiring policies and may conduct background checks as part of the hiring process. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the specific circumstances of the felony and the individual's qualifications and conduct since the offense.

What subjects should you take to become a mythology professor?

Ancient history and anthropology would be two. Remember the minimum educational requirement for a college or university professor is a master's degree with a doctorate preferred,

Can you shoot your own horse?

In most towns, you can shoot your own horse. However, this is not always true, you should check with your local police office to get specific laws for your area.

How many years of college does it take to own your own business?

You can own your own business without going to college.

Where could one purchase custom printed folders?

Folders like this can be readily obtained at a variety of office supply stores, such as Office Max or Office Depot. Kinko's copies can also provide them. A person who is knowledgeable with printers can always make their own, of course.

Why is it that so many people tell you that it's college not high school if you complain about a professor's way of teaching?

In high school, the teacher is there to try to get you to learn as much as possible, but in college, the professor's are just meant to be resources (like walking, talking books who can answer questions). In college, you are expected to do most of the learning on your own. It's assumed that you are interested in what you are studying and that's why you're there, so you should learn what you can from the prof, and anything else you need to know you would have to look up and research on your own. College is not just about facts (like high school is); it's about expanding your understanding of the world around you and growing into a self-reliant, independent adult. College is trying to prepare you for life on your own, and trying to teach you that, in the adult world, no one is going to be there to hold your hand through life.

Can you find out of your property has any liens without paying anything?

Yes. Visit the land records office and do your own research.Yes. Visit the land records office and do your own research.Yes. Visit the land records office and do your own research.Yes. Visit the land records office and do your own research.

Is it okay for a Professor to teach its own child?

Yes, just as long as there is no favortism of his own child.