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Do act scores get combined or average?



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ACT scores are never averaged and most colleges only take a person's best score from one sitting of the exam. However, there are a few colleges and universities out there that will superscore ACT composite scores. "Superscoring" is when, if someone takes multiple ACT tests, colleges will take the best subsections on each of the tests and come up with a new composite. For example, if someone received a 24 in English, 26 in Math, 28 in Science, and a 30 in Reading on their first try, that would be a score of 27. Imagine that they took the test a second time and got a 32 in English, a 30 in Math, a 28 in Science, and a 26 in Reading, which would be a composite score of 29. If a college were to superscore this student's ACT results, this student's new composite score would be a 30, consisting of a 32 in English, a 30 in Math, a 28 in Science, and a 30 in Reading...make sense? I hope so(: