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if the clip or mag is labeled airsoft it will fit

a real ak mag wont fit

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Q: Do ak47 airsoft clips fit in ak74 airsoft gun?
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What clips will fit the Mossberg M590 airsoft shotgun?

i noticed the mossberg 500 airsoft mag can but i cant find any

Will an ak47 magazine fit in a rasheed rifle?

Not without modification.

How many 2x0.5 paper clips fit in a 6.5 liter jar?

10,000 paper clips fit in a 6.5 liter jar.

Does the M4 mag fit the m83a1 airsoft gun?


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Can 308 ammo fit ak47?

From what i no about ak47's, no. You can get an ak that will shot a .223 round though. <><><><><><><> The AK47 is caliber 7.62x39. The .308 is a much longer (about a half inch longer), more powerful cartridge, with a heavier bullet, and is too long to cycle through the AK action.

Do airsoft accessories work with Nerf guns?

no because the rails do not fit

Where can you get a fake bayonet for your airsoft rifle?

Airsoft fields, if they allow knives allow any rubber training or toy knife.

Will an airsoft gun work on a car battery?

Yes. You shouldn't try this on a cheap or unmodified gun. if you do not have the proper upgrades for your gun it could result in a series if problems like striping of gears and so on. A car battery will increase the ROF (rate of fire) of your airsoft gun a lot. The ROF may double or even triple depending on how you have upgraded. To buy custom airsoft guns that have already been modified for this purpose go to There are no pictures yet. I am the owner of the site and until now the site has been used to regular airsoft guns and equipment. i have decided to major in custom airsoft guns and have been taking this website apart to fit its new purpose. I have been working on many different versions including ak47's and m249's. The ak47 should be the first gun to come out but I may release the m249 first. There are many kinks to be worked out and until then just sit tight! Airsoft guns have never been used in this way so i am sure you understand how dificult it is. Untill then just stay tuned!

What airsoft plate carier will fit a kid?

Plate carriers do not come in childrens sizes. If you are worried about a kids protection in arisoft then they are not old enough to be playing airsoft.

Do standard airsoft M4 or M16 magazines fit inside the Army Armament R85A1?


Can you fit Nerf stampede clips in a Nerf recon?