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Schools are not the only way to be educated. Our parents are our first teachers. Toys are educational devices teaching us things such as focusing our eyes, building strength in our body, and learning to care for others.

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Q: Do all children even infants benefit from learning experiences that are purposeful challenging and achievable?
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When was Children of Telepathic Experiences created?

Children of Telepathic Experiences was created in 1998.

Do placid children avoid new experiences?

No, they accept new experiences.

What did pavlov say about children's challenging behavior?

children learn by looking at others.

What is a challenging environment for children?

Challenging environments are necessary in order to help children develop "their skills and their characters". However it is important that they do so in a secure manner so that the experience is a positive one. Some of the issues that affect the planning of challenging environments for children are: the age/stage of development, the policies and procedures within the setting, health and safety, the individual needs of each child, supervision and the resources available. A challenging environment for children in one that extends their learning, allows them to take risks and also learn from their mistakes.

Explain why a safe but challenging environment is important for children and young people?

It is about safety

Explain why a safe but challenging environment is important for children young people?

It is about safety

The definition of challenging behavior in children from birth to five is?

Challenging behaviour refers to abnormal behaviour(s) that may threaten the physical safety of the person or others

How many percent of the children in the Philippines experiences child abuse?


What happens while children have dreams?

Like all dreams, children's dreams reflect their emotions, experiences and memories.

How were the lives of children of holocaust survivors changed by their parents experiences?

The children were taught to be more independent, and to not trust anyone completely

What is the purpose of Challenging behavior website?

The Challenging Behavior Foundation works to help children who have learning disabilities or severe behavior issues. The CBF foundation is actively working to research and treat such disabilities.

Why do Children need a safe yet challenging environment?

safe environment to keep away from obvious hazards... but still to make challenging so children can learn and explore