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Q: Do all colors travel at the same frequency?
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Do all colors of light have the same energy?

Actually no. Energy equals Planck's constant times frequency.

What color of light travels with greatest velocity?

All colors of light travel with the same speed.

Do infrared waves travel more quickly visible light?

No. All colors of light, and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, all travel with the same speed.

Does red light travel faster than blue light?

No. All colors travel at the same speed. It is called "the speed of light".

How many colors are there in black?

There are no colors in black ! Colors are governed by the frequency (temperature) with which light is reflected from an object. White has the highest reflection frequency where as black does not reflect at all

Do gamma rays travel the speed of light?

Gamma rays travel exactly the speed of light because gamma rays are light

Is the speed of EM waves as they travel through vacuum directly proportional to the frequency.?

No. The speed is THE SAME for all frequencies of electromagnetic waves.

What do all types of electromagnetic spectrum have in common?

They are all transverse waves and travel at the same speed in a vacuum.

What is the speed of a photon of red light if its frequency is 4.3 x 1014 Hz?

All photons have the same speed in a vacuum, no matter what their frequency. They all travel at the speed of light: 299,792,458 meters per second.

Is speed related to the color of a light wave?

No. All colors of light travel at the same speed in vacuum. Different colors represent light waves with different wavelengths (frequencies).

Is electromagnetic spectrum and frequency spectrum same?

Electromagnetic waves have an associated frequency and wavelength. They are related by c = λν, where c is the speed of light, λ is the wavelength, and ν is the frequency. All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light. A change in frequency results in a change in wavelength (as required by the given equation). In short, yes. They're the same.

Does the color of a laser affect the velocity of a light wave projected by the laser?

Colors are determined by the wavelengths but all wavelengths travel at the same speed. So no, colors do not affect the velocity of light.