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No, only ones that say "spermicide" on them do.

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Which trojan condoms have spermicide?

enz spermicide have spermicide

Are lubricated condoms the same as spermicide condoms?

Not necessarily. Some lubricated condoms have no spermicide included.

Do one condoms contain spermicide?

No. ONE® Condoms do not contain spermicide.

Do all condoms have spermicide on them?

No, see the related question to the right.

Where can you buy Spermicide?

You can usually buy spermicide from a pharmacy. Also, many condoms already contain a spermicide.

Do Trojan escasy condoms have spermicide?


Do crown condoms have spermicide?


Why does my skin itch and burn after using spermicide condoms?

Because you are allergic to the spermicide.

What are spermicide condoms?

Spermicide condoms are condoms that contain a spermicide which is something that deactivates and kills the sperm. It's just an added bonus to prevent pregnancy, however these can be more expensive and one or both of the partners could be allergic to spermicides.

If lubricant doesn't mean spermicide then why when i asked earlier you said only lubricated condoms have spermicide?

Because a lubricant (makes things slippery) so a condom may be lubricated but not kill sperm (spermicide) BUT all spermicidal condoms are also lubricated.

Do all Trojan condoms have spermicide on them?

No. Only the ones that say Spermicidal Lubricant.

What condoms contain spermicide?

Trojan makes a couple spermicidal condoms

Does a spermicidal condom go on with the spermicide in or out?

Spermicide in. You want the spermicide closest to the sperm...closest to the penis. Although many condoms will have spermicide inside and out.

Does rough rider studded condoms have spermicide in the?


Can spermicide condoms cause a UTI?


Are there any condoms without spermicide?


Do lifestyle condoms contain spermicide?

yes they do !!

How effective are non-spermicide condoms at preventing pregnancy?

They work great. People relied on them for many years. The spermicide condoms are fairly new.

Do Lifestyle condoms have spermicide in them?

This one is difficult to answer. You will need to read the bo the condoms came in.

Do Lifestyle condoms have spermicide?

Some of their products do. They will be clearly labeled. If it doesn't say it contains a spermicide, it doesn't! (You can go to their website for a description of all of the Lifestyle products.)

Which condoms do not have spermicide?

the ones that don't say they are spermicidal.

Which condoms have spermicide?

Trojan condoms is the top brand that's out there. However, some varieties don't contain spermicide so READ THE BOX to make sure it's there.

Which Trojan condoms contain spermicide?

the ones that say spermicide on the box. it may be in smaller writing then the word trojan.

What is an over-the-counter sperm barrier that is used with spermicide?

A condom is an sperm barrier used with a spermicide.

Can a vaginal infection from spermicide condoms cause you to miss a period?


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