Do all foods have chemicals in them?

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Yes. All the natural sources of food can be contaminated with residues of pesticides etc., for example, you can find traces of DDT and PCBs in the body fat of penguins. Also, most foods contain water, which is a chemical, and foods themselves are organic chemicals, which means that they contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, nitrogen.
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Which food has all food groups?

There is no one type of food that has all food groups but there are meals that have a combination of all food groups such as Escoveitch Fish with Rice and Gungo/Red Peas and

What is all the chemicals?

A very short answer: a chemical (chemical compound, substance) is a combination of two or more chemical elements.
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Does food have chemicals?

All matter that you are concerned with is made up of chemicals.
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How do all convert stored energy in food to chemical energy?

Plants utilize sunlight during photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose (sugar) and oxygen. This glucose has energy stored in its chemical bonds that ca
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What if your allergic to food all food?

There is no such thing to be allergicto all food. Some people have allergies to many foods, however theycan still eat other foods.