Do all foods have chemicals in them?

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Yes. All the natural sources of food can be contaminated with residues of pesticides etc., for example, you can find traces of DDT and PCBs in the body fat of penguins. Also, most foods contain water, which is a chemical, and foods themselves are organic chemicals, which means that they contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, nitrogen.
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How many food chemicals are there?

There are thousands of naturally occurring chemicals in foods,depending on the food type. Some different classes ofphytochemicals found in plant foods include polyphenols,isoprenoids, terpenes, organosulfur compounds, and betalains. hi there r 22. tryptophan, valine, arginine, leucine,phenylalinin ( Full Answer )

Why is food chemical energy?

Food is a chemical energy because the energy is released duringdigestion. The molecules in our foods are broken down into smallpieces. When the bonds between them loosen or break then a chemicalreaction occurs.

Why must food be chemically digested?

Food must be chemically digested because the substances which our body needs cannot be absorbed into the blood until they have been broken down into small, soluble chemicals with the help of enzymes in our mouth. When the food is digested, its molecules are small enough to pass through the wall of t ( Full Answer )

Example of chemical food spoilage?

There are many examples of chemical food spoilage including milk.You can add vinegar to milk to make it spoil.

Is cooking food a chemical change?

yes because one of the definitions of a chemical change is that it is hard to reverse, hard to un cook a steak

What are chemical compounds found in food?

Every element in the periodic table are located in the foods we eat -FALSE! you can't find radioactive element, noble gases and alkaline element on foods! most compound are carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber, minerals, vitamins, that mostly consist of (C), (H), and (O).

Is spoiling food a chemical change?

Yes, it is a chemical change. It only takes one experience with a rotten egg to learn that they smell different that fresh eggs. When eggs and food spoil, they undergo a chemical change. The change in odor is a clue to the chemical change Chemical Reactions Chemical Changes are also called Chem ( Full Answer )

Which food has all food groups?

There is no one type of food that has all food groups but there are meals that have a combination of all food groups such as Escoveitch Fish with Rice and Gungo/Red Peas and a side dish of Vegetable Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing and an All-Natural Blended Fruit Juice.

Why is spoiled food a chemical change?

Food spoilage is a chemical change because it is caused both by oxidation of fats and the chemical changes involved when fungi and bacteria use enzymes to use the food for its own development.

What chemical reaction in decay of food?

The chemical reaction that takes place in the decaying of food isknown as fermentation. Fermentation converts sugars into acids,gases or alcohol.

What is the chemical equation for the digestion of food?

There are many chemical reactions that compose digestion. These reactions depend on environment pH, food content, personal health and so on. The overall goal of these reactions is to break down complex food molecules (proteins, carbohydrates) into smaller, more manageable fragments that the blood ca ( Full Answer )

Is food a chemical energy?

The energy content of food is measured in calories (actually kilocalories are used), and it is absorbed by the body by chemical (or biochemical) action, so yes it is chemical energy

What is chemical food contamination?

Chemicals, including pesticides, bleach and other cleaning materials can contaminate food if not used carefully.

Why food digestion a chemical change?

The reason why food digestion is considered to be a chemical changeis because enzymes and acids are released by various parts of thedigestive system to help break down food. Such enzymes includeamylase and pepsin.

What are the 7 food chemical groups?

Following are the 7 food chemical groups such as : 1. carbohydrates 2. fibre 3. fats 4. proteins 5. minerals 6. vitamins 7. water

What are the chemicals in green food coloring?

This is simply green dye conflated with different stabilizing chemical agents preferably oily substances. And thus on that agents green dyes spread out through the layer of water over the food surface

What is the source of chemicals on food handling?

The source of chemicals in food is usually from kitchen cleaners. Spraying cleaning solution too close to open food containers, not properly rinsing dishes, or even improper food storage (placing open food containers under a sink).

What chemicals are used to digest food?

That is a good question! In your stomach, you have very stronghydrochloric acid to assist the digestion. From the third part ofduodenum onward, you have alkaline medium to digest the food.Sodium bicarbonate is there in small intestine. You have variousenzymes to assist the digestion. You have amylas ( Full Answer )

What chemical reactions are there in cooking food?

Reactants are heated up due to the flame, resulting in a differentproduct. Chemical reactions occur differently with different foods,e.g. Meat. Reactions in cooking Meat include: . The protein molecules are in bonded coils, but as heat isapplied the bonds break and the coils start to unwind. . Me ( Full Answer )

How is food chemically digested in the stomach?

In the stomach, a large sack-like\norgan, the food is churned and mixed with a strong gastric (mostly\nhydrochloric) acid. Only partly digested, this\nmix in the stomach is called chyme. \n Additional Information: \n However, the digestive process isn't\nrestricted to the stomach. Digestion is acc ( Full Answer )

Chemicals used as food preservative is?

As a group they are referred to as "preservatives". There are many different types of food preservatives, because some are better for certain jobs than others. For example, some are better at preventing mold/fungus growth and these are referred to as "antimicrobials" (such as sodium nitrate, calcium ( Full Answer )

Why is food digestion chemical change?

Its a chemical change. A physical change is a change which does not change the type of matter. The reactions in your stomach break down the matter into other substances. .

What happens chemically when cooking food?

A biochemist and cook explains that cooking is all about chemistry and knowing some facts can help chefs understand why recipes go wrong. Because cooking is essentially a series of chemical reactions, it is helpful to know some basics. For example, plunging asparagus into boiling water causes the ce ( Full Answer )

Is food a chemical change?

food is a chemical change if it is added with other components and turned into a form and if it is taken raw then it is not chemical change because no change is occuring

What is all the chemicals?

A very short answer: a chemical (chemical compound, substance) is a combination of two or more chemical elements.

When you eat food is it a chemical change?

Yes! It is a chemical change. When you swallow food it goes down into your digestion system and don't you have liquids in your body? Your food digests.

How is food a chemical change?

The food it self gets turned into energy for the human body. If food is cooked, if undergores a huge chemical change. From potential(stored) to kinetic(released).

Should you be worried about chemicals in food?

yes and no. it depends on what chemicals there are. Also always check to see if it has MSG in it MSG stands for monosodium glutamate. it is very harmful to health

What foods have purine chemicals?

According to the American Medical Association, purine-containing foods include: . Beer, other alcoholic beverages. . Anchovies, sardines in oil, fish roes, herring. . Yeast. . Organ meat (liver, kidneys, sweetbreads) . Legumes (dried beans, peas) . Meat extracts, consomme, gravies. . Mushroom ( Full Answer )

Why are chemicals used on food?

to either preserve the food or keep it safe from germs, bugs, bacteria,etc. while growing(inorganic)

Why the digestion of food is a chemical change?

After the food is ingested, the food is broken up using enzymes. Enzymes are a renewable catalyst, which means that they can be used again and again to speed up a reaction. The best way to describe the process is the enzymes have a specific hole that only the right molecule can fit into. An example ( Full Answer )

Why are there so many chemicals in our foods?

Some of it is because food made in large quantities needs preservatives or modifiers. Other times it is because the companies would like to make something taste better or look better than it really does.

How is chewing food a chemical change?

Chewing food is not a chemical change, it is Physical. all you are doing is crushing down the food inside your mouth, not changing the actual substance.

Is chewing of food chemical change?

The food you are eating changes state. The food is a solid but it get its state changes by you chewing food. Changing state is making a chage in apperance. So in a way it is a chemical change If that answers your question, your welcome!!

What organs respond to the chemicals in food?

Mainly your large intestines, but some in the stomach as well. Your stomach will break down the food so it can move on for more complex digestion. It is your large intestines that do most of the absorption of chemicals and nutrients into your blood, which then moves onto your brain. Some substance ( Full Answer )

How do you measure chemical energy in food?

Generally by burning the food inside of a calorimeter, which is a device that measures how much heat is produced. The number of calories of heat equals the number of calories (or chemical energy) in the food.

Why is there chemicals in fast food?

Because of a variety of reasons that benefits the fast food companies. A few reasons is that the chemicals enhance the taste of the food, enhance the shelf life of the food, and bulk up the food to reduce cost and increase profits.

Why are chemicals used by food manufacturers?

to produce natural and artificial flavors, as other food additivesat a commercial-scale such as: Natural sweeteners, Artificialsweeteners (neotame, rebiana, thaumatin), Natural and artificialflavors, Starches, Antioxidant, Adipic Acid (most of the adipicacid found in the food supply is synthetic), ( Full Answer )

How do all convert stored energy in food to chemical energy?

Plants utilize sunlight during photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose (sugar) and oxygen. This glucose has energy stored in its chemical bonds that can be used by other organisms. This stored energy is released whenever these chemical bonds are broken in metabolic processes ( Full Answer )

What if your allergic to food all food?

There is no such thing to be allergicto all food. Some people have allergies to many foods, however theycan still eat other foods.